Monday, March 11, 2013

Egg Drop Soup – Purple Pork – A walk in the woods – and glasses lost New Years Day found

I made egg drop soup and the Fab’s Orientalish Pork for dinner tonight, because for a change, I had time and was around the house. Because I had time, I tried to get all fancy. [1] In the process of gettin’ all fancy, I decided to add red food color to the pork sauce to make it look more like the dishes found at the sorta Chinese Restaurant. I added too much which turned the pork bright red.  Drawing on my notions of color theory, I added green to turn the mess brown.  Red plus Green does make brown.  And the sauce was a lovely golden brown shade.  Unfortunately, the Green food color had a very aggressive  Blue to it.  The already Red pork grabbed the Blue and we all know that Red and Blue make — Purple.
Purple Pork.  Not as appetizing as I was hoping.  Tasted good though.
After dinner, I wanted to take a walk.  Puppy (of course) wanted to go with, he usually does.  This evening,Annoying Kitty wanted to go too. Yes.  That cat DOES go on walks with me and the dog.  Strangest darn cat.  Regardless, I wanted to do 2 miles.  The first round the cat went with and for once he kept up.  The dog and I decided that the cat should go back to the house for the rest of the walk, so we dropped him off.  The cat was not happy. The second round, the dog caught, killed and buried and ground hog, and because that took more time than I wanted to spend on varmint control during this walk, so after the second round, the groundhog breath dog went into the house.  I got to do round 3 alone, and while I was walking, I spotted a pair of reading glasses that fell into the snow on my walk on New Year’s Day. Snow had melted and somehow, I had not stomped on them in the meantime.
This was my evening.

  1. [1] THAT almost never works out, I have no idea why I still let myself head that direction. This is the story behind the recipe.  

Monday, December 31, 2012

Requiem for a Passing Hour

"We have treated time like confetti, tossing great handfuls of it into the air and letting it fall unwatched to the ground as if we had been given and endless supply", I said to a friend last night.

Lest I be guilty of treating every hour of every day as casually, this evening I am honoring a darkening hour.
Descending from the heavens, drops of water splash onto the surface of my pond leaving ringlets of tiny waves as they cease to be individuals and become part of something greater. The only evidence of each raindrop's existance is soon erased by the arrival  of the next. Comforting is the knoweldge that raindrops past become life sustaining waters of a pond until they rise as vapor back to the clouds to start over as raindrops.

 eRequiem æternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

The sun has set and the last light of the day is waning, I watch.  Penance for all the hours passed unnoticed.  What wonders have I missed tossing time into the great whirlwind of busy or idle distraction? This hour I will remember.

Kyrie eleison; Christe eleison; Kyrie eleison

This hour is passsing, the day's muted colors have bled to variants of grey. Soon this time too will be gone. I canot retrieve previously unmarked hours so I raise a thought to the darkening heavens that the unattended hours of my life not have been in vain as their loss reminds me that even a rainy hour has much to be marked.

Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine; In memoria æterna erit iustus ab auditione mala non timebit.

Lux æterna luceat eis, Domine, cum sanctis tuis in æternum, quia pius es. Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine; et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Frog Lullaby - Summer Night Song

Right next to the house is a pond.   Tiny as farm ponds go and unusually well tended.  The entire spectrum of wildlife calling the pond home is 9 white amurs to keep the green stuff at bay and bullfrogs.  Lots and lots of bullfrogs.
In the summer evenings the frogs start singing.  Deep short grunting croaks followed by longer vibrating higher pitched hoots. The song goes back and fourth across the pond from one frog to another for hours.  The frog chorus is familiar and somehow comforting and on cool nights I open my windows and the frog song is a lullaby and the frogs sing me to sleep.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catching up on January Jobs - Painting - Art - Cooking

Hey there folks!  January finally started acting like January and we have been snowed upon and frozen solid in the last couple of days.  No matter, it is Winter in Ohio.

One of the things that I like to do on snowy, cold days is to catch up on my painting.
  Not really what I had in mind either.  Still it was work that needed to be done, and with 2-1/2 days of hitting it hard, I sanded, primed and painted this old gal. Turned out ok. The pannels and the seat are not back on in the after photo.  Once she is done done (the Fork Lift needs some minor mechanical work too) I will post photos of her restored to her former glory.
As a side note, I had a few hours here and there (mostly while paint was drying and rather than watch that process) I skedaddled up to the studio and worked on a couple of my sculptures.
I call this Garden Art "Bird's Nest".  Mostly, because that is what it is. Modeled after a real Robin's nest it would make a dandy addition to your garden.  Click on one of the photos to go to my web store.  Bird's nest will be available for Spring and will sell for $20.00, plus shipping - drop me an email if you want to get on the reserve list for this new sculpture.
Oh!  And The Fab posted a recipe on the blog - truly it is worth trying. Link below.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Working in a Winter Wonderland ...

Some folk will tell you that in the winter, farm life for the womenfolk is all inside work, knitting and making quilts, and gazing out the window at winter wonderlands.  Who are they fooling?  That description is of a fantasy country life that appears only in the stories of real estate agents who are trying to sell "country living" to city folk, (and houses on wet ground to boot), and on the pages of country living magazines.  Made up fluff, like  Hallmark holidays, we love the thought, we buy the stuff, but it is no more real than my figment of a friend Fantastic Fabiola.

Winter on the farm means equipment maintenance, a lot of that must be done where the equipment is parked, which would be OUTSIDE.  That is what I did yesterday and will again today, so I had my alter ego Fantastic Fabiola post an informational on dressing in layers for work out in the cold.  <-- that link will take you to it.  Now I have to put down my knitting and go to work.

Monday, January 2, 2012

First Snow of the Winter ... Here

Today is the first real snow of the year ... and the winter, here.  The ground is not yet frozen, so the January thaw, won't be. This year.

No matter the weather, there is work to do outside today, so layers are called for.  Layers and warm thoughts. Warm thoughts work, wool works better.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


New Year's Day has to be the self help book marketer's dream.  

Over the years my lists alone have probably denuded an acre of white pine. I can't even imagine the deforestation involved in the printing of all the books I have bought in the hope of expediting the success of those resolutions.  

No more! I have realized that I will never become a super model, own a wardrobe that is anything other than functional and machine washable, wear the latest look in eye make-up or own shoes that will make a man say anything other than "hey, I need a new pair of work boots, where did you get yours"?  I will never make millions selling real-estate with no money down. I will not write the great American novel. No New Year's Day promise is ever going to cause my closets to be clutter free or keep my bedlam of plastic food storage containers nested and stored in the same cupboard as their lids. 

Not going to happen!

My resolutions this year will not require self help books or the seeking of guidance from strangers. They will all be things that I am already good at and if not comfortable with, then at least resigned to.

For the year 2012, I hereby resolve to:

1.  Continue feeling guilty about not sending return email in anything like a timely manner. Along with several that I have received lately, I will delay returning the one from two years ago, and another that I am apparently aging like a fine wine.  I will continue to occasionally nag myself that I need to get around to answering them, not do it, then feel guilty.

2.   I will not learn to wrap gifts with neat corners and precise creases and just a smidge of transparent tape at the overlap. I will continue to use whatever wrapping is near at hand with particular emphasis on aluminum foil sheets and plastic grocery store bags, smoosh the extra under the folds rather than trimming it off, and I may again use 1-1/2" wide lime green masking tape as a substitute for transparent if I run across the masking tape first when I have to actually wrap something.

3.   I will not work on improving my musical taste in anyway.  I will continue to play my Rick James CD at close to the maximum volume as I drive the thirteen miles into town.  I will remain unashamedly fond of almost anything performed by the Carpenters. I will still play Barry Manilow when I want to feel young because the very first concert that I every went to in my life was Barry Manilow. I was 12, I fell in love and I will not abandon my first love.  That almost every one's taste in music evolves after the passing of four decades (pause) and mine has not will not bother me for even one second.


4.   I will continue to cut my own hair even knowing that I don't do it well and it makes a naturally bad situation worse.  People are used to my "I happen to prefer to do my grooming in high winds look".  I resolve to walk through the year with excruciatingly bad hair and not do a thing to improve the situation.

These resolutions, I believe I will keep.