Sunday, February 22, 2004

Didn't go fly a kite ...

the front field of a farm in Northwestern Ohio

The weather forecast promised 40 degrees, partly cloudy skies and a breeze of 5-10 mph.  Partial sun, check, 37 degrees (in February?  I'll take it), the breeze, when I checked at two, rated a steady reading of 11 mph.  So, loaded down with three dragon kites [2 - 50 foot and one 25], a tiny nylon airplane, four spools of kite string and two mixed breed dogs.  Oh, "Puppy" and "Cowhead, thanks for asking!  I scampered out to the front field to play.  Unfurling, laying out the kites and hooking up tethers took exactly the same amount of time as was required for the breeze to die completely and for the two dogs to discover a nest of field mice in some tall grass. 

In retrospect, combining 125 ft of brightly colored nylon spread out on a wet field, a dozen or so terrified mice, and two large excitable dogs was not one of my better ideas.  The dogs flushed the mice, the mice ran over and under the kites looking for a place to hide, the dogs followed the mice.  Instead of my vision of beautiful kites dancing in the [almost] spring air, I ended up with a bedlam of yards of wet kite covered with muddy paw prints, three freshly deceased field mice and two very dirty but very happy dogs. 

So, the adventure ended with hot baths for all parties (except the mice, dead or otherwise), and the reading of tomorrow's forecast which promises partly sunny skies and ...


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