Thursday, February 26, 2004

The Law of Unintended Consequences is Alive and Well

And parked in my back yard

Around here we have work which goes on full time, year round, then there are "projects" special little slices of hell that happen in addition to "work" and always result in something wonderful but the journey to wonderful is all uphill, mostly in a torrential downpour.

This uphill journey in the rain was my fault entirely.  The fella was spending too much time on the couch watching reruns of "The Andy Griffith Show.  Not like him at all.  I suggested a hobby.  Out of my mouth came the words "You have always liked trains, haven't you?"  What was I thinking?  I was picturing a HO scale train set in the basement utility room.  I could help make dear little trees and houses and... I should have thought this one through before speaking, because I know that the fella never does anything small.  Never.  Dear little trees, HA!

Within a month, there was a 12-ton Switcher Engine being rebuilt in the shop and I was spending most evenings in the woods running a bobcat while the fella worked the backhoe, building a path for his train-set.  Less than a year later we had cleared, graded, laid stone, ties and rail through two thirds of a mile of woods.  We restored the original switcher locomotive, built a hopper car, picked up three more homeless locos in need of attention, and rebuilt a passenger coach. Wonderful.  Just not exactly what I was thinking when I suggested the fella needed a hobby.

Moral of this story?  If you think that your fella is spending too much time watching T.V., let semi-conscious couch potatoes lie because if you suggest that he do something to keep himself busy, you might just get what you asked for and he will take you with him on the ride.

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