Sunday, February 22, 2004

Watching the calendar pages turn

I am at the age where the calendar pages flip over a great deal faster than is seemly for an object marking largish chunks of time. Anymore, time barely has opportunity to make a mark before that page is gone and I am confronted with yet another set of orderly squares representing a new twelfth part of a year.  Gone, time has just gone, whole days, weeks...

I have always been best at waiting. "Patience is a virtue," my Mother told me.  As a child, I realized that patience was the only virtue that I had any real shot at -- so I worked on developing the skill of waiting. It seems to me now that in pursuit of the virtue of patience I have invested more time in waiting than in doing anything else.  Patient waiting does have benefits, dreams.  Dreams can be embroidered while developing patience.  No one has to know.  I have dozens of dreams decorated from top to bottom.  Some of them I had time to rework three, maybe four times.  All accomplished while appearing to be patiently waiting.  Thing is, life continues at a breakneck pace no matter what you do and there is no slowing it down.  I discovered that people changed, their lives changed, while I sat there and practiced patience and embroidered dreams.

Is patience a virtue?  I wonder now.  There is nothing to be done about events marked on calendar pages long turned.  When dealing with time and people, changes can be revisited but never redone.  Perhaps in the future I will reserve the virtue of patience for long lines at the DMV and the grocery.  From now on, when dealing with people, life, and calendar pages, I believe I will be utilizing less virtuous methods.  My mother told me "patience is a virtue; good things come to those that wait."  Then she also told me "no matter what, always be a lady.

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jevanslink said...

Wow, I am so in awe of your wonderful thoughts.  I read this twice, slower the second time to take it all in.  Thanks.  Mrs. L