Thursday, April 15, 2004


Rereading my journal tonight it seems that so far my entries have been a wandering hello, how are ya? Funny how the essentials surface before the incidental even if no particular conscious intention powers them.

I do that, wander. Rarely directly to the point, at least not here, here meaning online, reality isn't. But the people  Much like 3-D life, people show the person that they want you to see. Unlike real life, the illusion does not require the maintenance of a wardrobe. That seems to be the major difference between "real" people and the ones met online, a costume change or two.

There are people important to me I will never meet. Doesn't matter. The conversation is every bit as vital as the ones where matching socks matter, just different. Some of them should have come before the kites and the trains even. Everything sorts itself out in the end.

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