Saturday, June 12, 2004

Surprise via Bird's Nest

Today, we switched the direction that our Loco's run on our track. That process while, unorthodox was uneventful. We don't have a turntable so the unorthodox part was stopping the locos at a point where our tracks are close to each other and lifting first one end and moving it to the "other" track then ... never mind, 15 tons of assorted but connected steel bits does not move easily or without something even bigger to move it. Wasn't my point. At all.

We fired up one of our older plymouths that hadn't moved in a while. Running right the engine sounds like a hive of very large bees, today, bees with a collective cold. Odd. As the loco started moving out, there was this wheezing gasp from the muffler followed by a sound that I imagine could be confused with a howitzer being fired ten feet away. I looked up in time to see the flaming remnants of a large bird's next shooting across the lot. Guess that some songbird decided that the old plymouth's muffler was a good place to start this year's family. Their nesting place has been relocated for next year.

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