Sunday, August 22, 2004

Diesel Fumes and Dancecards

I intended to add a photo of Locomotive number 5 to this entry, but my computer has the program that can read the "big disc" for our digital camera (which is where the pictures of "old rusty" reside) and I am using the fella's computer to write a journal entry because my computer is riding around in the back of an ATV programming switches for the baby railroad.  Never mind, really, just don't think about it.  Heaven knows I am trying to do just that.

Why the silly animation then?  That is one that I put together of our first engine, the Brookville, to represent the steps we went through to bring her from near scrap condition to where she is today.  "Old Rusty" is in the very first steps of a similar but far more complicated process. So just pretend that the animation above shows all the sheet metal coming off (that could be done like and explosion -- wouldn't that be cool)? the engine being pulled and disassembled, and the smell of "blaster" wafting through the air.

*****Added Note****  My computer returned from the earlier adventure, so I replaced the animation of the Brookville with a photo of Loco number 5.  The silly animation has been moved to

Did I read that there was a ball of some sort last night?  Fancy dresses and music? Music and laughter?  Conversation?  Sigh.  Just as well I heard after the fact, the smell of old rust and solvent hangs with a gal, even after a hot shower and a dousing in perfume.  You don't even want to know what axle grease does to chiffon.

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cneinhorn said...

Yup, you missed the ball......but so did I.........sigh......maybe we'll both be there next time......