Saturday, August 28, 2004

Ode to an Ag-Gator Too

I have one of those jobs that few even know IS a job. One that fewer want to hear about.  Sludge Hauler.  Yep, it is a job. A necessary occupation that combines some of the aspects of Farming and Trucking.  Essentially, we move lime from water plants and ...  uhhh, fertilizer -- from wastewater treatment plants and apply it to farm fields. These municipal services by-products benefit farmers as they do not then have to buy lime or nitrogen fertilizer for the fields that receive the application.  I could go on and on -- but I won't, because I understand that folk's interest in this is limited. 
I was going to talk about my Ag-Gator! Nope, not a star in a "B" horror flick, not some protected reptile from the swamps of the South, a really cool machine. My little baby floater.  That is what I call it, but it is not little.  The tires alone on my Ag-Gator are five and a half feet tall.  Floatation tires are designed to reduce soil compaction in the field that the gator operates on.  Design aside, the effect is to make it seem as if I am operating a vehicle with tires made of marshmallow.  Bouncy, springy, fun!  The ride makes me laugh!

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