Saturday, August 28, 2004

You! Me! The President!

The President was on his way to Perrysburg, Ohio today to make a speech, were it not for a weather delay along his route, he would have made (we were told) a short stop in the city of Fostoria, Ohio.  Even though Fostoria is a city that struggles with unemployment and is considered more a "union town," a large crowd gathered along almost the entirety of the President's route through town, a mile or more anyway.  The crowd gathered and stood in drizzle and threatening rain for hours, just to wave as he drove by.  We hoped that he would have time to stop, but understood that he might not.

I like Fostoria, mostly working folk, mostly working on welcoming and blending Asian, Black and Hispanic citizens into the mix of people that live there.  The Fella spent his early years there, before his family moved out to the farm.  He still likes the place better than the other cities in the area.  Fostoria doesn't put on airs.  The citizens of Fostoria are good people.  And those people were excited that our President was going to drive through, and maybe stop. I waited with my friends Dana who works for a local paper and Scottie, a truck driver and EMT.  Next to us stood man that owns a small business and his wife and children, four extraordinarily well behaved boys. One of the group around me, stood out, a woman with a poster and a story.  Two of her children are currently serving in Iraq, one of them volunteered for an extra three months on his tour so that a fellow soldier with a family could come home instead of him.  A third of her children is in the service and scheduled to go "over there" soon. 

The crowd was excited and waited to wave as our President drive by.  He did.  I turned to my friend Dana and said.  You! Me! The President!  For a flash of a second that is how it was.


sadeelove40 said...

Oh Mary!  What a memorable day it was.  I am so glad we got to spend this moment together....even though I was in stitches hearing you chant over and over again....."You, Me, The President!"

You forgot to mention how humid the weather was....and how I literally melted, dripping all over the parking lot of BP!!  Thank God you don't have any photos of that to share on here!!

Overall, it was experience I will always cherish.  It's not everyday that the President of the United States comes to ask us for our votes.  Even if it was only a drive-by....he waved to us and that is what is important.

cneinhorn said...

You, me the President.......all at the same place, same time!  :-)