Friday, September 10, 2004

Five Items in a Time Capsule


Weekend Assignment #23:

100 years from now, your great-great-great-grandchild has been assigned to write a school report on your life and times. Help him or her by putting five things in a time capsule.

Five Items to be left in a time capsule. Five items standing proxy for me one hundred years on. Hmmmm

The items that I have chosen are in the photo above.

Item 1.  Hard to see in the picture -- but in the center foreground on my key ring is an old fashioned skeleton key that worked the lock on the door to one of the third floor bedrooms at my Nana's Lake house. The key is mere symbol, the doors at that house were almost never locked.  As children we visited every summer.  As an adult I had the privilege of living there with Nana and Mom.  It is my Brother's home now. Almost a hundred years and three generations, the lake house has been an absolute in a world of constant change.

Item 2.   Stack of reference books and a copy of the plans for the house that the fella and I built. The one that I am sitting in, actually.  The two of us, with the help of chain saw George (a carpenter) and 2 guys from up the road, literally built the house. Seventeen weeks -- first line on the plans to ready for carpet and move in.  No joke.  We did the whole thing including the plans, except for pouring the basement that we hired out. The house is big, beautiful, rock solid and will still be standing one hundred years from now.  

Item 3.  Index card file, index cards and Miss Roseberg's (another wonderful teacher -- Junior Year English Comp.) instructions on how to use same to compose a term paper.  Her system worked, I still use it to design databases.  One fact per card ... One hundred years from now it will still be useful.

Item 4.  A can of Pledge.  Greatest all purpose household product ever invented. Shiner of stainless steel, softener of leather upholstery, counter polish, keeper of water spot free "facilities."  That item was already out on the counter because I keep pledge close at all times, ya just never know...

Item 5. Look up.  My pot rack that holds not a single pot -- rather an entirecollection of stainless steel spoons, ladles, tongs, spatulas and strainers. I have occasion to cook, when I cook, I use lots of shiny utensils.

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cneinhorn said...

INteresting choices!!  I had zippo creativity for this assignment, so I'll tell John the dog ate it, LOL.......Pledge is good for stainless steel?  I didn't know that.......I'm gonna try it on my fridge............I'm forever cleaning up fingerprints off that thing~~jerseygirl