Sunday, September 19, 2004

Hello journal!! Getting to be that time of year! Holiday display season. You understood that is what I was talking about, right?

Last year at the little train in Findlay I worked on the Christmas Display. Along the lines of no good deed goes unpunished -- they have asked me to do some work on Halloween before Christmas kicks in. Yikes. Almost eight acres is a lot of territory to cover.

I will be writing in my journal -- but if you have no interest in panic holiday design and implementation -- check back after new-years. ;-)


cneinhorn said...

I have plenty of interest in holiday display, so keep writing and I'll keep reading Mary!  Seems like the Christmas displays go up earlier and earlier every you notice that too?!

jevanslink said...

Halloween is a national holiday for me, since my birthday is the day before.  I encourage you to take PICTURES and have many postings so I can implement [okay STEAL] ideas from the best.  Mrs. L