Sunday, September 5, 2004

Tile Grout Day

Yesterday was the beginning of that thrilling month long event that I like to refer to as ...  oh, wait, I can't say that here.  Fall cleaning. Of course, that is what I call it. ::smile::  Now before any of you get upset, Fall cleaning is not in addition to Spring cleaning. In fact, Fall cleaning is what happens when I put off real Spring cleaning for so long that I have to add the task of sweeping brightly colored leaves out of the garage to my list.  I know, I know -- just embarrassing. Oh and for the previously mentioned task, I don't use a broom, I use a leaf blower.  But I was going to talk about grout.  Yes, I really do use a leaf blower to "sweep" the garage. I would use it in the house too if I thought that I could get away with it. Grout.

Tile, real floor tile, requires grout. Grout lines are inevitably lower than the surface of the tile. Dirt descends, grabs a hold, then sticks until forced to move. Oh! My floors are clean! Ewww!  The thought! Contrarywise, grout even with a twice daily assault by stiff broom and a washing at least two or three times a week gets grimy looking after a while. It is then that I drag out the heavy equipment. ::Dramatic pause::  The floor scrubber

and a ::gasp:: scrub brush.  Floor scrubber?  Yep. My grandmother used to have one, I thought that they had become extinct.  But no! Hallelujah! Floor scrubbers can still be purchased. After we built the house and made the decision to put in real tile (which was the only flooring that stood any chance of taking the traffic that goes through the kitchen and bathrooms), I realized that I needed one.

I just spent several hundred words talking about scrubbing grout. Sigh. Yesterday I spent most of the day scrubbing grout lines.  Today, I believe, is polishing cabinets and hardware. Wait 'till I tell you about that!


oceanmrc said...

Well, I am impressed.  I have several days off school for Jewish holidays this month, and I am thinking that I need to do Last Fall's Cleaning.

jevanslink said...

Grout? A floor scrubber thingy? I was riveted. Love the leaves in your hair BTW.  And the sweater. I noticed a link to my journal. That's as good as visiting friends and seeing the wedding present you gave them in a place of honor on the mantel. Better slap on some paint and put out the fudge up if you're stopping by my place again.  Mrs. L