Thursday, September 23, 2004

Train of Terror

Train of Terror -- theme for our Halloween Display.  If I commence whining and complainin don't go getting me wrong, I love Halloween, the one holiday in the year with no emotional expectations or repercussions.  Well, that and it is an occasion when heavy, overly dramatic make-up doesn't make folk look at a gal all funny like. 

Anyway.  I am supposed to come up with "scary stuff" to put around the train tracks.  Either I am suffering creative block or hormonal imbalance because the one idea that has galvanized in my mind as truly terrifying involves large wooden cutouts of women in aprons with talk bubbles that contain phrases that our mother's said and we all swore we never would but long about 40 start saying anyway.  Theme?  You WILL eventually turn into your mother and there is nothing that you can do about it.


Seriously,  real carved pumpkins lining either side of the track.  We did that last year and the candle light combined with the locomotive steam pooling on the ground was spectacular.  A fog machine would make that effect more consistent -- but on cold nights the real steam and the pumpkins was nothing short of magic.  Gonna do that again this year. One problem with real pumpkins is that once cut they start to melt, three weeks down the line they are rotted pools of moosh and more disgusting than beautiful or scary.  I cast a few from plaster last year -- but plaster isn't translucent so the effect was not the same.  Experimenting with spray-on expanding insulation and paint.  So far that is not so promising either.  Thinking thinking.

Wooden cutouts of monsters and witches. Floating jack-o'-lanterns and ghost lights, pondering how to do that.  Ghosts floating in the field.  Ok, ideas are forming but with two weeks to go to pull this off I have got to get moving.

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cneinhorn said...

my girlfriend is really good with this kind of stuff......but I'm not that crafty......have fun!