Saturday, October 30, 2004

Findlay, Ohio Loves the First Lady!

Wednesday the 28th, my friend Scottie and I went to a rally for President Bush!  His speech was wonderful and inspiring, but for me, the highlight of the event happened before his plane even touched down at the airport.

About twenty minutes before the rally started, an excited murmur swept like a wave through the crowd.  "Laura is going to be with the President!" "No!" "Yes! She is traveling with him today!"

The official announcement came just before the rally started.  The applause and cheering was the loudest of the day.  The President and Laura Bush were not there to hear it, I hope that someone told them.  On a day just before an election, in a city that doesn't get many Presidential visits, the First Lady got the loudest applause. Ohio loves and appreciates the First Lady.



Oh! And this is a complete aside, but the secret service man pictured behind Laura was wearing the MOST stunning dark red silk tie.  The fella is about his size and I would love to know where he got it!  Anyone?

Happy Birthday Mrs. L

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I have one of those fancy toothbrushes with a tiny battery powered motor that makes it vibrate, whir and spin. This morning, the technology failed.  There I stood at the sink, toothpaste already on the brush no whirring, no spinning. Egad!  I thought to myself, how am I going to brush my teeth? My toothbrush doesn't work!

I am going through the house today to take the batteries out of every household whatever that used to work just fine without the aid of a tiny electric motor.  I mean it.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Ok, THAT wasn't any fun ...

Why don't we have "nonplused" as a choice of mood?  Spent a lot of time with that mood lately, can't recall a single second of chillin' in my life. Aside.

The last several weeks I have spent a lot of time working out of town.  No, not like that.  Working.  Twelve hours of up and down the ladder on the floater, roaring Caterpillar engine, hooking and unhooking hoses, dust or mud, sometimes both and dogs.  Out of town work means dogs. Mine.

Hold on! I am not one of THOSE crazy people (that I am one of another kind is not the subject of this entry).  I travel with my two monsters only because they can't be left alone for three or four days at a time and the old guy doesn't deal well with being left in a kennel.  The fact that the monsters are farm guard dogs means that they bark at all unusual noises which means that when I travel with two large dogs when I work out of town motels stays are out and the comforts of the fella's sleeper on his semi are in.  Yow.  I do shower at the motel and grab take out for dinner but ... (sigh).

The drive home at the end of the job is the worst.  My neon, after spending several days out in a field is dusty and covered with dog paw prints. There I am driving, tired and disheveled, pup in the front passenger seat, buddy in the back, both of them sitting up looking forward while they ride (you would think that they would have the decency to act like dogs and hang out the windows). Nope, they act like passengers, human passengers. People glance over as they pass, and get "the look" on their faces. Crazy dog lady alert!  That is fair I suppose, at those moments I, AM crazy dog lady.  Sigh, at least the dogs don't talk to me while we ride. Well, sometimes they do, but I ignore them.

By the way this entry was not a plea for sympathy, honest, I see the humor in the situation and frankly, the dogs say that it serves me right.

Saturday, October 23, 2004


Rain this afternoon. Hallelujah! Perfect excuse to take a very long afternoon nap.  Ok, this was supposed to be more interesting turned out to not be so much.  Will think on it and get back.  Promise!