Saturday, October 30, 2004

Findlay, Ohio Loves the First Lady!

Wednesday the 28th, my friend Scottie and I went to a rally for President Bush!  His speech was wonderful and inspiring, but for me, the highlight of the event happened before his plane even touched down at the airport.

About twenty minutes before the rally started, an excited murmur swept like a wave through the crowd.  "Laura is going to be with the President!" "No!" "Yes! She is traveling with him today!"

The official announcement came just before the rally started.  The applause and cheering was the loudest of the day.  The President and Laura Bush were not there to hear it, I hope that someone told them.  On a day just before an election, in a city that doesn't get many Presidential visits, the First Lady got the loudest applause. Ohio loves and appreciates the First Lady.



Oh! And this is a complete aside, but the secret service man pictured behind Laura was wearing the MOST stunning dark red silk tie.  The fella is about his size and I would love to know where he got it!  Anyone?

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cneinhorn said...

How exciting!  Now too bad the first lady is covering up that stunning tie!