Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Day before Thanksgiving ...

Three cheesecakes, one each pumpkin, pecan and apple pies, scalloped corn, sweet potato casserole are done!  Bacon for the baked beans is cooking now.  Dressing will be next.  Just an update folks (ok, an excuse to stop cooking and sit down).

10:28 pm - Update:  Beans, raspberry sauce for the cheesecake nut baskets and Gravy are done!  HA!

Frozen Fruit salad -- sigh.  I am the only one around here that will eat it! So no frozen fruit salad.  Also missing from this years extravaganza of the expected -- green bean casserole.  I know, I know, if you live in the middle part of the country mixing canned green beans, cream of mushroom soup and Durkee French Fried onions is practically hard wired in the genetics.  Not doing it this year, bet that no one will notice.

Tomorrow will be a 25 pound turkey, a ham and mashed potatoes.  Oh and burned brown and serve rolls.  I always forget about them and they end up black on the bottom.  Has happened every year since forever. No joke, don't know what it is with me has to be some sort of freakish mental block. 

I know that this was just a list of food.  Promise to post my cheesecake recipe tomorrow.  Because for me, holiday celebrations are all about the cheesecake.

Happy Thanksgiving folks!



pouncermidnight said...

Sounds good, but you forgot the frozen fruit salad!

thisismary said...

This is the strangest thing, but I swear that one of my sister's children had a cat by the name of pouncer midnight.  That dejavue moment was the catalyst for the admission about the burned brown and serve rolls.  I still can't be left in charge of the rolls.  :-)

bl0ndiebabe245 said...

So you just cooked for yourself?  Certainly you had kin to enjoy this feast.

thisismary said...

Just for myself? Shoot no!  Cooking for myself consists of cut up veggies and heating a can of soup. Thanksgiving dinner around here is for friends and those who don't want to go through the hassle of cooking the whole turkey fest.  Tiny group this year, only six for the actual dinner. Group could have been much larger. Sometimes it is, doesn't matter how many show or not. I always cook big because 1. I have a deep freeze and 2. People stop by here frequently and it is nice to have shortcuts to a good meal ready to toss in the microwave. :-)

jcnspots said...

At least you HAD a turkey dinner... I fixed myself a cheeseburger around 11 am, and opened a can of Progresso Soup around 7- Clam Chowder, maybe, or Chicken Alfredo- not sure 3 days later.  Was supposed to go to Mayport- the Navy base- to some friends' and eat with them- we'd discussed it a week or two or three ago; she'd said she'd call me a day or two ahead of time and let me know what, if anything, I could bring, what time to show up at the gate at the base (PITA- they have to come escort me- what do I look like, Al-Queda or something?).  Never heard from them; called on Friday thinking maybe they'd all come down with the flu or somesuch.  These people get sick more than anybody I've ever known, so it's always a distinct possibility.  

Were they sick?  Nope.  Was there a major security thing going on at the base?  Nope, againl.  She just plain FORGOT TO CALL ME.... GROAN!  (yes, she's a blonde)  One would think that when I wasn't there, something would have clicked and she'd have had an "oh, SHIT" moment.  Nope.  Her clicker's broken, I think.  <sigh>

Would've made a batch of the world's best Black Forest Fudge, too.  Their loss.  Horrible day for me here, though- just me and the mutts... and they were getting on my last nerve all day long.  Finally got dressed around 3:00 and drove the 30 miles round trip to get a couple things at the convenience store.   Woo Hoo, my big excursion for the day.   Groan.  I hate holidays, and I swear I'm gonna go postal one of these days what with all the stupid Christmas music being played on the radio currently... gonna put a boot in the stereo, I think... Grrrrrrr!