Sunday, December 26, 2004

I will watch Coal Trucks and smile

Back to the not at all famous but wonderful nonetheless Athens tomorrow. Three more days to finish the job (crossing fingers).  Three more days of popsicle toes and mud spattered boots and cuffs. Three more days of twelve hours at three miles and hour.  Three more days of watching loaded coal trucks heading south on 50 then half an hour later empty and north to load and head back south.

It struck me the other day that the drivers of the coal trucks and I are running on parallel tracks theirs about 40 miles round, mine 40 acres. Load and speed differentiate us, we spend the hours starting before dawn and ending just after sunset going round and round doing what we do.  Tick tick tick the hours spin round. Yellow freightliner with a side dump, red international with a conventional dump, green ford with a tarp over the load several more and I may be wrong about the make of the trucks, I could be wrong about the color order, but it is the same trucks and the same loads and I see them over and over as they pass. I mark my day by the passing of drivers that I will never meet in trucks that I have started to recognize. Keep rolling drivers taking your load of coal to wherever it is going, my day is more interesting because you are running in a loop that intersects with my world two times an hour. I will run my circles at three miles an hour and watch you pass and smile.

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cneinhorn said...

no coal here!!! LOLHappy  Holidays!