Thursday, December 30, 2004

Sea sick

Not that you need to know this, or I suppose even want to know this, but --

I spent most of yesterday alternately throwing up and desperately trying to avoid throwing up.  Seasick, on dry land.  No, this entry isn't going to get any more pleasant so feel free to skip on by!  I was on a jobsite and we changed to a new field which was freshly disked corn stubble.  Wave after wave of rolling earth and corn stalk leftovers and there I was, me and my floater rolling over and over and over it. By ten, I would have given anything for a dose of Dramamine, by afternoon I would have considered committing some sort of a crime to get it.  I survived, but I now have issues with corn in any form. 

On the bright side (ok, this is a stretch) I will look on this as a pre New Years party reminder of just how horrible having the unavoidable heaves can be.  Yes, it is a good thing that I spent a day upchucking out of the door of a rolling vehicle. 

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