Wednesday, December 22, 2004


This morning I was in Athens, no not THAT Athens, no Parthenon, no Coliseum, just charming (and I mean it -- absolutely charming) windy streets and beautiful little shops and restaurants Athens, Ohio.  I was working there, but the weather took to raining so it was time to head home. Unfortunately, while it was raining in southern Ohio, it was snowing up north. Not a piddly, who even notices 3 or 4 inches snow more of a WOA this is going to be the big daddy of the season SNOWING.


175 miles at an average of 40 miles per hour, yikes.  Anyway, as soon as I arrived home, I commenced the oh boy am I pissed at all those folks who have been yammering about wanting a white Christmas snow removal preparations. I put fuel in the backhoe, loader and bobcat, gasoline in the generator (and spare cans filled), then lined up boots, hats, gloves and carharts in the back hall then I started waiting. 

If you watch the weather channel I am smack in the middle of the northern third of that dark purple swath where 12+ inches of snow is predicted to fall by tomorrow afternoon.  Something tells me that tomorrow instead of artfully decorating Christmas cookies, I will be rearranging the main ingredient of that white Christmas. 


jcnspots said...

Ah, the frozen tundra of the rust belt.  Snow insulates the ground, y'know.  Flower bulbs and such- tulips, crocus', and so on- all love the snow.  

Better you than me, though.  You wouldn't trade me a snowstorm for one of our hurricanes, so...... :PPPFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

thisismary said...

Spots spots spots, we get wind and rain storms here too! LOL!  Ya want I should ship some snow your way? I have some that I could spare right now!

jcnspots said...

As nasty as it is here right now, I think I'd much prefer that it be snowing to beat the band.  It's in the 30's, and pouring rain.  Rain is forecast for the entire weekend.  GAG!  At least if it snowed, I'd have a perfectly adequate, believable excuse to forego the brunch with the folks and their neighbors tomorrow.  Mom does a nice thing, I suppose- she fixes brunch every Christmas Day for a bunch of her equally-elderly neighbors who have chosen to live far away from family.  Thing is there's usually about 30 geezers who do nothing aside from discuss their golf games, who's died recently, or who has had which surgery and Oy, the PAIN of that colostomy!  Trust me, it's torture.  All that for the privelage of driving 120 miles in the rain.  Free food isn't worth THAT price!