Sunday, December 26, 2004

Texas Holdem and Holiday Cheer

It was not the plan or an intention yet, yesterday we celebrated Christmas in our hearts and Texas Holdem with our hands.  Family holiday gatherings are always unpredictable with the fella's bunch.  Fun, but ya just never know.

Family and food, catching up and kids spun through the first two hours, then cousin Shawn cleared the poker table (remind me to post a photo of the basement sometime) and started dealing. Two hands later, Aunt Gladys and Aunt Lucille who previously had been known for their cooking ability and ladylike demeanors took to riding "the river" like a pair of white water rafters.  As the day progressed, players came and went but those two dominated the table for hours.  Claiming to have never played poker they worked their hands and pulled bluffs like the sharpest card players in Vegas.  What a hoot!

Christmas (and casino night) wound down around nine.  Fortunately for everyone except the Aunts at my house we play for bragging rights not money so the Aunts did no damage to anyone's pocketbook, but it could have been ugly.

Hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

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oceanmrc said...

We had a big poker game here, too -- but the players were mostly college students, so it went on till midnight.  Merry Christmas!