Saturday, December 31, 2005

Audio entry

I've been tagged!

Mrs. L has tagged me for -- well, not a toe tag, but viewing the attachments to the tag may well elicit the same result from you all. 

Here are the rules; the first player of this game starts with the topic. Five weird habits of yourself and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals. Don’t forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says “You are tagged” (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours.


Her entry here:

My entry later today or tonight.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

And Sisters J and A come through!

Yea!  Happy Birthday greetings from my two favorite sisters!  Thanks gals!

Oh and sister A?  Your birthday wish for me?  Nope! Ha!  Spent this morning getting doused in stinky poop and wading through mud.  Floater duty.

But this evening!  BEEF STEW!! <-- family joke.  I always asked for beef stew for my birthday dinner because Mom made the best stew in the whole world.  Well that and everyone else in the family hated it so the only hope of getting Mom to cook it was to ask for it for my birthday dinner.  Ok, Harris pizza was (is) much better. 

Sisters J and A!  Thank you!

Dog Flu

I decided that we are not not not doing a New-Year's Eve party this year and I was actually here to enforce that decision this year.  I am tired, tired, tired this year, and I don't feel like spending three days effort for a party.    Some people are angry, some are upset, some disapointed at my decision. So sue me!  Oh, and I would like to add, if you have never invited me into your home for so much as a cup of coffee or a stick of gum, then making social demands of me is a BIT MUCH dontchathink?  Anyway.

Karma steps in.  Buddy (wild dog of the woodland if you read that entry)  <--[Linky if you didn't]  has been coughing for the last two weeks.  He is old, beginning of heart failure or build up from torn-up shop rags, we suspected.  Took the old man to the vet today.  Neither of the above.  Preliminary diagnosis?  A vaccination resistant strain of Kennel Cough, possibly the form of canine flu related to one that has existed in horses for decades and the same one that killed hundreds of greyhounds last year.

Mystery as to how he acquired it, but that is the dangerous part of this canine illness.  Untreated, horribly fatal, treated -- better odds but no guarantees.  Buddy and I came back from the vet loaded down with antibiotics, cough suppressants and hope.

Back to Karma.  Regardless of how disappointed or pissed people are with me because I am not throwing a party, I believe that they will feel a whole lot better knowing that while missing a party, they will not be exposing their beloved canine companions to a horribly contagious and potentially deadly disease.

The Karma Train runs in a circle.


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Three Words ...

Chocolate Fondue Fountain.

Huge hit at Christmas dinner.  Huge!

I almost did an audio entry about it from my local Kroger (grocery store), the dilemma, buy - not buy.  Looked at it for a month before I said to myself "what the heck?"

Strawberries, cut-up angel food cake, marshmallows for dippers.

Fountain of warm chocolate.  Oh, Yah!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

People that I just hate.

TV people all of them.  First, those two old English ladies that go snooping about checking on the cleanliness of (women's) houses. Second,  that head crabby guy on American Chopper.

Ok, there was more, sigh, but I am over it now.

Thanks David!  You are a true cheerer-upper!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas-y Entry

...   Real Journal   <----  Click to go to my Christmas-y Entry  Ok, "The Night Before Christmas" with some pictures.    Will work on an animated something with snow falling or ...  for a later entry.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Great Free Material

It occurred to me this afternoon that the Bill Blather that appeared in Joe's journal could be a great source of material.  No effort journal entries!

Properly noted and attributed; it falls under fair use. I could write a months worth of pretend entries for this journal from just that one letter.  I might.



[yammer, yammer,yammer] ....

 Thank you for putting this bump in the road in your rearview mirror. We're excited about moving on as well.

[...  yammer, yammer, yammer]

Bill Schreiner, VP AOL Community Programming."


I have not left J-land, and noteworthy is the fact that the bump in the road may be in my rear view mirror, but I perform a goodly amount of my driving in reverse gear, pushing a tanker filled with thousands of gallons of liquid compost.  Don't get all excited just yet.

More Blah Blah Blah

I started this with the intention of spending time, explaining where and how AOL corporate's thinking went astray.  Then I realized that they do know they do understand. 


The understanding was that a couple dozen people (I was late to the party, so I just get to stand at the fringes) donated an astonishing amount of time, effort and energy building the journals community and it turned out to be a truly marketable product, so they sold it. End of story.

Further thinking; it is a real bummer that the people that made Journals marketable are upset.  But even if they go elsewhere, there will be a new batch of folk who will continue to provide free content to journals, so they don't have to care.


Got it!  Thanks AOL! 


"Some of you are convinced that the addition of ads destroys that experience.  I am less certain of that."-  Mr. Corporate AOL

Oh, hey!  As you clearly believe that you can think and feel for me, go ahead and write my journal entries for me too willya?

Meanwhile,   my real journal is located here ...   Real Journal

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One of Nine (Boy that sounds Borgish ...) Ladies Dancing

For David.  Thought that I would share a pencil study for one of my embroidery projects.  One of my "Nine Ladies Dancing" for my Christmas Tree Skirt.

She is titled "December"  subtitled:  what the heck is happening on top of that poor woman's head?  I was shooting for a hat of northern lights.  ~~~~  There ya have it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just In Case

Just In Case ... Started a New Journal on this page.

Minus some of the bells and whistles, but plus some interesting possibilities including video with sound!!  (not on the linked entry -- still figuring it out).  Oh, and if crass commercialism is the theme of the day -- my work will be promoting, well, me.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Speed Entry

I have given myself three minutes to do this entry. Took Seven.  As always ...  Anyway.

First:  Thanks to everyone that has stopped by recently especially the new folks!!!!!!

Then, regarding my last entry, explanation:

Win - Win, even corporations understand that concept.   Those that have left?  Huzzah!  Way to stand up for your principles! I mean that! 

Me? Personally, I come, I go, I post, I don't.  I talk about things that I see on a 40 acre farm in Ohio and poop, mostly.  Mostly when I feel like it.

If, however, I was writing to generate hits that would contribute to a good cause? Can we say motivation?  With some tweaking in the concept, the Ad banners program could generate some serious good will.  My thoughts.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Hey! AOLnicks! An Idea to get the heavy hitters back. -- Maybe. Dunno.

Preface this by the fact that I have run this idea by none of the heavy hitters that have vamoosed from J-land.  But dammit, I miss them, don't you?  Want them back?  I know that I do.

What if you took a tiny percentage of ad revenues generated by those obnoxious ads and donated that money towards a charity promoting children's education in the arts?  Ummm,  Arts as in writing, painting, that sorta thing, just in case someone at corporate thinks that their child's football team qualifies as an "art".  Never know with some people.  Might even want have a pre - vetted list and let the journals community choose.  Shrug, just a thought.

Anyway, seems to me that Journalers are a community directed sorta bunch, what with DONATING all that time and effort creating wonderful journals for us to read and expecting nothing in return.  Then y'all grabbed the results of their efforts and went and sold it with out so mush of a "do you mind" or a "thank you".  WHAT were ya thinking?  How did you expect them to react?  Honest to Pete, talk about kicking a gift horse in the teeth. Do something more than, well, not a damn thing, will ya?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Change of direction - Machine Embroidery

Now for a wild (and likely temporary) change of direction ... Photo of an element of a machine embroidery project that I am working on. Holly Sprig. Part of a Christmas Tree Skirt that I will not finish before Christmas (or ever, likely, knowing me).   Anyway if you have an embroidery machine that uses .pes files, I have included a link below that will let you download "Holly Sprig" as an embroidery file in the ".pes" format.

Holly Sprig .pes file

Ok, this is how to download.  Right click on the link above.  Select "SAVE TARGET AS".  A pop-up will "get the file information", then a window will open where you can choose where on your computer to save the file.  Select the folder that you want to save the file in then go to to the "file name" box and ADD  ".pes" to the  file name Holly Sprig.

This file sews out at 2" X 2" with no jump threads to cut. Quick note: for personal use / trading with other non commercial embroiderers only, otherwise, all rights reserved. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What really truly happens when you flush a tampon down the toilet.

The Bank of America and flushed tampons. AOL 9.0 and ragballs.  Advertising currently appearing at the top of my Journal page. The association was their choice and I was not given an option.  I wouldn't have gone that direction, were I they, but hey! Commerce!

Back to the subject du jour. 

What really truly happens to tampons (and applicators) when they are flushed down the toilet.  A note to the ladies.

Used tampons are small, a lot of women (from the evidence that I have seen) feel that it does no harm to flush one little feminine hygiene product down the toilet. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Tampons swell, applicators float.

There is a story told by plumbers, that tampons flushed into the waste stream swell to the size of a roll of paper towels and clog pipes. True.  But they stop at that size only because that is the size of the pipe. Tampons in the wild swell to the size of a prize sheep. If they had legs they would win the blue ribbon at the county fair.

What harm could flushing one little tampon do? Imagine, if you will, [and now that I am about to describe it, you will not be able to NOT imagine it] hundreds -  thousands of tampons tumbling and swelling as they travel through the sewers until they reach the local wastewater treatment plant. There they encounter machinery, sometimes called a "muffin monster" that shreds and rips attempting to turn these swelling system stoppers into something, well, anything less. That does happen.  But those plucky feminine hygiene products aren't about to give up! The shredded tampons mix and mingle with hair, the occasional twig and other non soluble things that were flushed when they should not have been.  Together they form ragballs.  Ragballs resemble felt.  Brown felt with dangling strings.

The strings catch on the equipment of the treatment plant. They hang from weirs, wrap around ladders, cling to the walls of the tanks.  Fire hoses, it takes high pressure fire hoses to dislodge them. Or worse, a city employee (almost always a male) wearing gloves and boots cutting ragballs off of the plant equipment and collecting them in buckets. Not a pretty sight.  Not a cheap process.  Women flushing tampons cost their cities tens of thousands of dollars a year in maintenance.  Don't do it.  Ever!

A quick note on plastic applicators; the ones that float are skimmed off and taken to the dump by the dump truck load.  No joke, entire dump trucks filled with white and pink bullet shaped pieces of plastic. Don't flush applicators either.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Storing Away Autumn

Today, in a panic, I spent hours searching for the last week of July.

The last leaves falling goad me into tidying up my mental year. It turned out that week was right where it should have been, but faded from being left out in the sun before I put it away.   I know that I should take more care with time and not leave it tossed into untidy heaps. Four years ago, I lost the Spring of 2001 entirely. I almost certainly sandwiched it between test print pages of a database on which I was working and later shredded it beyond recovery.    That will not happen with this fall.  Inspired by our resident Faux Cowboy, I went looking for Autumn and found it.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Audio entry

Monday, November 7, 2005


Been out on jobs, busy, sigh.  Not gone awol! Hey Shaz?  That trade thing?  Where shall I send the plane tickets?  Hehehe.  :-)

Monday, October 31, 2005


Repeat from last year.  Sorry, been busy.  :-)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Audio entry

Audio entry

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Shaggy Mane Mushrooms (Coprinus comatus)

Above is a photo from yesterday afternoon.  Shaggy Mane Mushrooms. In the foreground are second day 'shrooms, background are third and fourth day.  Same fungi, different ages.  They change so fast!  Those that should know say that these mushrooms are edible.  Here is the catch, you have to pick them before they start turning dark or "inky". These mushrooms are also called "Inky Caps". Also, the mushrooms must be cooked and eaten the day that they are picked, or they will turn into a pool of "ink" in the fridge.  Ooooh kay. I believe that I will just let others nibble on these guys, I will stick with photos.

Monday, October 10, 2005

9 Ladies Dancing was my undoing

They just stood there, gesticulating in all their medieval finery but they would not dance. Christmas tree skirt, machine embroidery that I will not finish by the holidays, but I promised myself that this year!  Well, that and a perm and a real bath with sandalwood scented candles and Chopin.

The fella was out of town and a weekend flirted, winking on the sly and making promises.  Free time, mine!  Girly girl time!  No heavy lifting, clean pressed clothes!  Dare to dream girl!

Friday night and a trailer with recalcitrant brakes.  A knight on a white horse (Bill the mechanic) arrives (ok, a white F-250 -- but I was working on the fantasy already).  He disassembles the dragon and announces that no!  It was not the bushings, it was the drums and the slack adjusters and a grand list of parts that would have to be collected first thing tomorrow morning.  Dammit. 

Ok, Saturday morning, load the foul brake drums and dirty brake shoes into the back of the service truck, send Charlie off to pick up parts.  Done! I scamper off to the house to change into clean jeans and to whisk my way through the house preparing to give myself a perm (step one in the weekend of beauty followed by scented leisure)!  By noon, house done!  I begin rolling my hair.  One row from back to front -- the intercom rings.  Assistance and parts are required, so is a change of clothing.  Back in dirty work jeans I trudge to the shop, lift heavy objects and write down part descriptions.  I send Charlie off, return to the house, change clothes, recommence rolling.  Three rows back to front and the intercom rings ... sigh.

Back and forth all day through afternoon into evening by 8:30, back axle was done and I was applying perm solution. Saturday night was not going to be girly girl bath night after all.  Sunday!  Yes.

Sunday morning and the front axle to be done on the trailer.  Bill has it down now and all the parts, I had time to make the nine trollops look like they were moving at least if not dancing.  Standing there, they stood like stumps.  I was willing to settle for standing if nine of them would stitch out without error and before 8 PM so that Icould take my girly girl bath.  5 PM and not only were the ladies not dancing,  the axle and assorted bits refused to reassemble themselves in Bills skilled hands.  Not without me getting dirty four times and spending 3 hours.

Dammit.  8pm, axle reassembled,Bill gone, candles lit, bath running, scented oil and steam. Sigh, I ease myself into a bath in a room smelling of heaven with the sound of a lone piano caressing the air. I relax, close my eyes, start to drift.  "Squeak, Squeak", Plop.


Chopin does not squeak, does not plop.  The piano does not chuff either.  I open my eyes, Puppy has "accidentally" dropped his squeaky ball into my bathtub.  Sigh.  I retrieve the ball from my elegant bath of warm water, scented oil and now dog slobber. I throw it out of the room and resume basking.

Puppy returns with the ball, cat follows. Cat jumps onto the ledge over the tub to keep an eye on Puppy.

"Squeak", "Squeak", plop, "SPLASH"!

The cat attempted to stop the ball from "accidentally" ending up in the tub ...


Sunday, October 9, 2005

And then the cat fell into the bathtub ...

A microsecond between Chopin etude and Wagnerian opera, complete with dripping fur covered wailing fat lady.

I lunged from the tub, the cat lunged from the tub and we both then proceeded to dry ourselves off and storm off stage to glower.

Mid glower I received an e-mail. A bob-bon written in Scots.  Silly ness.

I started to laugh.  I howled. I needed that.

I may have lost an opportunity for elegance and indulgence but in exchange, I got to see a cat fall into an occupied bathtub.  In retrospect funny doesn't get funnier than that.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Ok, Here is the Weird Thing

Look at the middle of the photo above, in the clouds.  I didn't photo shop anything.  Was using a flash and my eye looking through the viewfinder must have somehow reflected onto the optics (is that how digital cameras work?) Either that or someone from above was "keeping an eye on me".  Literally.

Walkies Part 2

Buddy comes wandering back after doing his thing.

Walkies Part 1

After the mullberry tree, pup discovered a mouser in a tree stump.  However, as pup was tearing at the bark to get at the mouse ...

The mouse scampered across an open spot and climbed a tree.  I saw, but I didn't tell Puppy. 

Monday, October 3, 2005

Audio entry

Audio entry

Audio entry

Audio entry

Sunday, October 2, 2005

Attack by Ham Sandwich!~

To clarify, I was not attacked by a ham sandwich, despite my suspicions as to the intentions of a half spiral sliced ham that I purchased on Friday.  That ham managed to rearrange itself into a provocative shape right there in my deli drawer and despite the plastic shrink wrap.  I always foster suspicions about processed meat products that exhibit signs of spontaneous obscenity.  I shouldn't have used the word spontaneous, for all I know, the ham rearranged itself with some deliberate nefarious intention.  I digress before I even attempt to head towards my point, banner evening for me!

Dinner hour, 5:49 pm on the Sabbath to be exact, the phone rings.  An important message from a political action committee.  A recorded, hired, young female voice, innocent for the gals with just a touch of sexy for the guys but positively dripping righteous indignation proceeds to deliver the message that Ohio Representative Mike Oxley has supported Tom DeLay on several occasions and Majority Leader DeLay has been INDICTED for money laundering (yes the machine said that) so therefore Republicans are evil and no one should vote for a Republican ever (ok, the Democratic machine did not say exactly that, but that was the message).  Hey!  A machine calls me at dinner time on Sunday, they have a get to the point and I mean right now listener, I edited for them.

A good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich.  Not saying that Mr. DeLay is as pure as the driven snow, but the trial has not even started.  Democratic Political Hay may just be turned into compost yet.  As I had been interpreted by a machine with an important message, I was not in a good mood.  I therefore promised the machine that they were going to be the subject of an entry in my journal.  I doubt the machine cared.

Regardless, while Republicans may or may not be guilty of causing hurricanes and moving money from point A to point B, Democrats are most certainly guilty of violating the sanctity of the Sabath and family dinner hour.  If the machine wants folk to condemn Republicans by inuendo, they can wear the extension of their logic. 

Democrats want to destroy dinner hour and they are against observation of the Sabbath.  Republicans need to hire better accountants and Democrats are out to destroy families and God.

One phone call.  Mighty productive if ya ask me.  Mr.Oxley ya listening?  Want the local Republican party to hold a fund raiser at my place? Just ask!  I have a railroad consisting of industrial locomotives that were either manufactured or worked in the state of Ohio, and I can do food for up to 400 people with a weeks notice.  Just ask.  Send your thank you to the Dems and their mindless, Sabath violating, anti family dinner hour auto dialer.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Fun with Fungi



Sigh.  I attempted to download a couple of photos that I took of fungi.  Puff-balls and something orange.  Loaded them somewhere strange.  Reloaded the puffball photos, the others will re-load later, maybe.    Anyway puff-balls are wondrous strange things.  White and the size of a basketball when full grown, they appear in fields this time of year. One day -- not, next day, boom! Puff-balls are good for two things, eating or kicking.  Eating, they are meaty and not dissimilar to the white moonlight mushrooms that you buy in a store, only much much bigger.  I make Puffball parmigiana, like the eggplant version. But between us, kicking them to see how far they will go is a whole lot more fun.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dancing with the Stars

OMG!!  I am sooooo!  gonna have to learn to ballroom dance!  I have spent the day watching "Dancing With the Stars"  !!!!  Heaven!

Does that unbelievably handsome John O'Hurley have a brother I wonder?

Reclaiming the Gift of Fire

We have squandered the gift of Prometheus, by electric light we work, play and live. With the availability of easy light and heat, mankind is loosing the crucial cooperative effort required to build and maintain fire. From caring for old embers to be used to light the wood gathered to warm the next cold night, humans of the past understood that Gods may dispense gifts, but it is up to us to maintain the life sustaining essentials for the group. I believe that we need a Hercules to again release Prometheus so that he can help us to reclaim fire.

As it happens, I know him. Not THE Hercules, but a man that with innate wisdom, has been keeping the art of cooperative fire building alive for his circle. Late summer he gathers friends, they gather fallen timber and in a sacred ceremony build and light a bonfire to provide heat, a means of cooking and a place to gather safe from the chill of the night. I don't know that the ceremony was created or continued for exactly that purpose, yet that purpose is what struck me when I heard of it.

We have been hit by a terrible disaster in the destruction of New Orleans and many of our fellow citizens are still in great need. Shelter has been provided, food and water dispensed many many are working together to assist the displaced and start the rebuilding. But for terrible moments, days, it seemed as if too many of us stood in the dark waiting for the Gods to dispense gifts.  For the next time, and there will be one, we need to remember that survival of the group depends largely upon the action of the group providing safety and shelter while waiting for the Gods to provide.



Friday, September 16, 2005

Morning Fog - Hocking Hills


Three photos above were taken betwixt trucks one morning this week.  Southern Ohio, hills, sunrise and fog.  Beautiful!  The fog forms around the river and moves around sometimes so thick that I can barely see anything then thinner to reveal just the tops of the hills.  Eventually, the fields and trees come into view, often to be hidden again by the fog. To me it is as if nature understands that the beauty of a September sunrise is too much to take in all at once, so she sends fog to ease the eyes into the sight.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Audio entry

Audio entry

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?

With the price of groceries rising and the cost of gas headed to the stars I imagine that a lot of folk would like to help the hurricane victims, but can't write a big check right now.  Right now is when the need is and right now there is something that can be done.  Spare change adds up, as anyone that has started a change jar knows. Coinstar machines can take spare change and turn it into a donation to the Red Cross.  Just a thought.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Another quick wave

Thank you to everyone that has stopped by lately!!  I finally have time at home and am currently excavating the desk in my office.  I will let you know if I discover the sequel to the dead sea scrolls.  Sigh.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Audio entry

Wednesday, August 24, 2005



Saturday, August 20, 2005

Purple Martins and Canada Geese

I am still out in the fields all day every day of the work week, working on my farmer's tan. Thursday and Friday a flock of Purple Martins joined me for most of the day. Roaring along at my three miles an hour two dozen or so of these beautiful dark purple and red or gold birds would swoop and dive around and in front of my machine. They would zip across the front, rise into the air to a stall, fold wings, turn, dive, a few flaps and back across the front of the machine.  They didn't do these maneuvers in unison like a flock all making the same pass and turn, instead, bedlam. They approached from every direction made the front pass at every angle.  I wondered how they managed to avoid crashing into each other.  They didn't.

For an hour or so yesterday morning, a flock of Canada Geese parked themselves at the end of the field I was working.  Attitude I tell ya!  As I approached they would stare at me, just stare.  As it became clear that at least SOME of them needed to move out of my way, they would stand and walk slowly out of my way.  As soon as they were barely clear of my row, they would stop and turn to stare at me again as I passed with my cloud of Martins flying every which way around me.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Dennis the Menace

We mark with light in the memory the few interviews we have had, in the dreary years of routine and of sin, with souls that made our souls wiser; that spoke what we thought; that told us what we knew; that gave us leave to be what we inly were. -- Emerson

Been working on jobsites all week. Hot all week, but not as bad as last week.  Still, Tuesday was a purgatory of haze and heat.  Still air and gray.  I was a soul trapped waiting for deliverance or damnation.  Semi tankers arrived, like prayers for the waiting, taking me step by step towards release from my prison of gray wheat stubble surrounded by gray trees and intermittent threats of rain.  Sigh.

Wednesday brought sun and a farmer spraying for weeds in a neighboring field, Truck with a tank on the deck of a low-boy.  Afternoon and the truck pulls down the road from which we are unloading.  Driver stops and inquires about our business. Tall, lean, wearing a v-neck cotton T and a sideways smile, his eyes sparkled and danced as he introduced himself as Dennis, Dennis the Menace. 

There are folk that on sight can be identified as a big deal, no matter what they are wearing or doing.  Mr. Menace was one of those.  Salute to you Dennis. You brightened the day of one dirty tired fertilizer spreader, just by being you, driving a truck and stopping to say hi.  Wednesday was a great day.


Sunday, August 7, 2005

Audio entry

Thursday, August 4, 2005

So -- this wasn't much of a surprise!


?? Which Natural Wonder Or Disaster Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

I wandered over to Patrick's Place (love, love, love that man don't you?) And he had a link to a fun quiz! 

I answered the questions and Big surprise!  I turned out to be lightning.  LOL!  Shaz, didn't I tell ya that I was a thunderstorm of a woman! An Internet quiz proves it! Ha!  Fun Fun Fun!

What Natural Wonder or Disaster are you?

Audio entry

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Re: Bird Question

Comment from and earlier entry entitled "Bird Question"

"Good question Mary.  Stumped me.  When are you going to reveal the answer?" - Dona

As soon as I figure it out Dona. What do I think they are? Dunno.  What do I hope they are? Passenger Pigeons. 

Folowing are two astonishingly bad photos taken through dirty windows while moving.  Best that I could do out of 300 shots taken. 

I am praying that a few of once great flocks managed to survive and adapt themselves to modern agricultural life.

Three years ago I spotted the first ones.  At that point I thought to myself "Huh! strange looking mourning doves! Must be the light." Two years ago I started paying attention.  I would see flocks of 6 maybe 8 in the early mornings and late afternoons, feeding in the fields that I was in. Last year, I got to the point where I started wondering and trying to identify them.  This year, no getting around it, I can't convince myself that they are common Mourning Doves they don't hang out with the onesie twosie mourning doves that also populate the places I go.

Why would I maybe see something that no one else has noticed?  I spend 3 - 5, 12 hour days in one field going over every square foot at three miles an hour, that's why.  If there is a living creature in a field that I am in, I see it.  Better, the fauna ignore me and my machine after the first day and they go on as they would normally.

I don't get out into to civilization much, but creatures with wings or fur, heck we are like this (she said holding up crossed fingers).  Passenger Pigeons, I want the mystery birds to be Passenger Pigeons Dona.


More Photos From Train Day!

Harmon's Photo Album from Train Day


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sorry that I haven't Written ...

Top Three photos courtesy Marty Liggins, bottom one Pat's camera and tripod ;-).

Late July, usually, usually we invite friends, family and neighbors over for train rides, food, swimming and lots of hanging around and talking.  Last Saturday was the day.

Train Rides!

A farmer neighbor, John, is just silly over our little Plymouth TGT.  He wore his engineer uniform, assembled special for train driving (he even wears a pocket watch! Too cool!).



And a quick photo of a gathering that I didn't believe could happen. Four "Free Parkers" in the same place at the same time! "Free Parking" is an AOL message board, where folk talk and generally disagree on evey available subject. Fun!

Tony (far left) was going to be in Ohio for a BMW rally the same day as my railroad open house, he decided to stop by on his way back east. Harmon (second from left) drove up from Tennesse because Tony was going to stop. Since those two were going to be here, Pat (third from left) drove up from southern Ohio too! Yay!

Rumor has it that more of the FP bunch might consider the trek next year. The more the merrier, I say! Perhaps I should invite my friends from the "Journals" community and we do a "Free Parking" v. "Journals" tug-o-war contest or maybe some competative mud wrassling. Ok, the mud wrasslin, maybe not so much.

Could be fun!


Friday, July 22, 2005

Quick wave

Saying hello to all the folk that stopped by to read and comment!!  Busy week here, hope to check in on Sunday with and entry and some cool photos!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bird Question

Quick wave and a hug for Mrs. L. who chose me as a guest editor's pick.  Thank you, thank you!  I will try (very soon) to add entries that live up to your high opinion!

Now for the bird question.  What North American dove is very similar in shape and stance to a mourning dove, but a little bigger, distinctly blue grey instead of brown or olive and is rose or redish underneath? Is that a color variation of the mourning dove?  Or should I drag my camera out and document the flock of 10 that I spent last week hanging out with?  Bird people, opinions?

Friday, July 15, 2005

Turkey Buzzards


I haven't gone fishing or 'round the bend.  Turkey Buzzards were hanging around in the field but that is what they do in summer.  I have been working out of town the last week or so, back soon!

Thursday, July 7, 2005

What's with me and the audio entries while shopping?

Waving at Donna!! 

See, it is like this.  I have the ability to record entries in my journal by using the magic of a cellular phone and the "AOL by Phone" service.  The potential for excitement in my life is limited, mostly to shopping for groceries.  Well ... groceries or some sort of unfortunate incident involving a combination of heavy equipment and poop.  Given the options ... 

Anyway, I realize that the grocery store is a subject of truly limited potential and that I seem to have the category of audio entries from the grocery all to myself for a very good reason. Still, imagine the counter-point if someone were to start recording audio entries from the hairdresser or some chi-chi-poo-poo shopping mall.  (Grin!)

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Groceries and the 4th of July ...

Ok, my 4th celebration consisted of grocery shopping.  Hey!  Beats the neighbor farmer who spent the entire day taking off wheat.   One of the audio entries I made while shopping.   Audio entry audio Play audio entry (2 min 20 sec)   I can say that I achieved my objective by rediscovering Underwood Deviled Ham.  Delight in a paper wrapped can.

Saturday, July 2, 2005

Answers to the Saturday Six

1. A stray dog wonders into your yard, obviously weak, hungry and thirsty.  He is a very friendly dog, but if you feed it or give it water, you know that the dog won't leave your yard and you'll end up keeping him.  If you don't help the animal, he might die.  What do you do?

And if this hungry thirsty dog leaves to face certain death, I am supposed to live with myself -- uh how again? Is this a serious question?

2. You must lose one of the following:  a foot, a hand, an eye or an ear.  Which would you get rid of and why?

Disposable body parts, Huh. Do I have to just toss the chosen part off of, say, a bridge over a heavily trafficd roadway -- or can I make the donation useful?  An eye if it can go to an eyebank and give someone sight, and I must add, one truly unusual blazing blue eye. 

3. Scalzi of "
By the Way" recently posted about the top unanswered questions in science today.  Click here and scroll down to the list of the top 25 biggest mysteries:  which one would you MOST like to have answered?

The question that I want answered is why can't those scientists ever ask fun questions?  Like how many whoopie cushions will it take to make a political convention fun?  Sigh.  Ok.

Do Deeper Principles Underlie Quantum Uncertainty and Nonlocality?

I have to go with a question that hints at depths underlying concepts described in words that I don't understand. Always go with the incomprehensible, that is my motto!

4. Joe, our AOL Journals Editor, says blogs are boring:  either everyone talks about pretty much the same topics, or regular people lead dull lives, he suggests.  So what keeps you reading other people's blogs?

Joe has not read my blog, clearly.  My blog may be boring but it is boring like no one else's. So there.  And!

Shaz.  Insane. Entertaining. Lives in Glasgow for the love of Mike!

David.  Perpetually desparing but in such an endearing way!

Mrs. L. - A read that needs no explanation.

The rest on my list, boring?  I think not. Joe needs to do more reading.

5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #57 from Lisa:  You are writing a bestseller book.  What kind of book is it (romance, mystery, science fiction, action adventure, historical, gothic, classic, fiction, non fiction, biography, other) ?   What is your main character's first name and the setting in which it will take place?  And give us a one sentence tidbit about the plot ...   

A Gothic Non Fiction collection of wisdom from an aging pet groomer and psycic consultant who believes that life, like hair, can always be improved by teasing, tweaking and several layers of shelac.

Mary:  Jim Elliot once said, "When it comes time to die...make sure all you got to do is die."  What do you have to do or would like to do before you die? Make a list of at least 6 things.  And since you made the list.. will  you actually try to accomplish those things?

1. Have one "good hair" day.

2. Have a burial outfit that is not marred by stains of grease, oil, paint or muddy paw prints.

3. Six things?  Hey, I will be dead, like it is going to matter to me if things I lived with my whole life aren't corrected before I die.   This is why I swore tomyself that I would never play the "Saturday Six" as much as I love to read other people's answers.  Not a big rule follower, not I, not I.  Mary, Mary, quite contrary - they wrote that song about me yanno.

Friday, July 1, 2005

An entry with no subject or purpose ...

I am announcing ahead of time that this entry is starting out with no subject or purpose in mind, so, yah, even I am saying "oh boy aint this gonna be a wangdoozer, let me keep reading."

:: Waving both hands back and forth in front of me to get the energy going ::  Yes!

An entry guaraaaannnteeeed to make you realize that your life may be nuts-o crazy, but you have not descended to this level yet.

I spent the afternoon, mostly on my hands and knees putting dirt back into a hole that I had spent the morning digging.  Yep.  Did it on purpose too.  A hole about 1500 ft. long.  Wire for the signals on the railroad.  Took the dirt out with a trencher, had to put it back in by hand 'cause of the location.  No matter, wasn't that bad, only people that would have seen me crawling, dirty, through the woods woulda been the neighbors, and they already know that all my mental bolts could use a little tightening.


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Firefly Night -- redux

There are relationships, heavy things pushed and pulled through years, they start anytime, but for good reason, they last through endless season changes. Then there is firefly love. Firefly love starts when the days turn long and the nights short, wondrous days when walking through the dark sends sparks of magic light dancing through the air.

In late June I watch the dancing fireflys, and remember.

Firefly Night

Fireflys are Summer evenings, I had hoped to catch a photo of fireflys on the first day of Summer.  Not to be.  Two days later and several hundred snaps later ...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Trip to the Grocery -- Week -- uhh (what?-- 3?)

Cereal!   audio Play audio entry (1 min 8 sec)   DogFood   audio Play audio entry (0 min 38 sec)   And the final chapter in my search for vanilla ice cream!   audio Play audio entry (1 min 2 sec)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Special Visitor ...

This week, Tuesday, we got a visit from a very special someone.  Some-dog rather.  Maggie.  Lost running from a storm, she ended up on our back porch needing help.  No tags, no name plate, but clearly a much loved pet and ten o'clock at night, not knowing which way was home, she ended up here.  Fortunately.

A myth.  City folk imagine that dumping a dog in farm country will result in their discarded pet leading an ideal life.  Not so, not so.  You see, so many dogs are discarded in the rural areas of this country that they can not all be taken in and most turn feral and end up sick and eventually shot.  Sad but true.  Humane shelters are equiped to take on discarded pets, farmers are not.

That aside,  Maggie was clearly not discarded, just lost, and local.  But I had no idea where here home was, and she couldn't tell me where home was.  So, there she was, on the porch, needing help, here I was with a house already inhabited by two large dogs, but we all moved over and made room for a third, only until we could find her family.

Next day dawned and it was a busy one for me, I took time to call all the neighbors that I could think of who might have heard that someone was looking for a dog, and no-one had heard. So, Maggie (who I called "white dog" not knowing her real name) and I an the boys spent our hours working, followed by dinner and walkies and a swim in the pond and sleep in the house and on the furniture and who cares, because all good dogs are special and Maggie was lost and without her family and the least that we could do was let her sleep on the leather couch if that is where she wanted to sleep. And the next day, I called the humane socitey and Success!!!  Folk not too far from us were looking for a dog very much like Maggie, lost in a storm Tuesday night and Mom showed-up and Maggie (who I knew as white dog) had found her family and all was well again! 

So, Maggie went home and the boys and I were minus a new found friend, but in the larger picture, things were as they should be.  And a lost dog got to go home!

Lesson here folks: If for some reason you can't keep your pet -- take them to the humane society, do NOT dump them in a rural area.  Maggie was lucky, she ended up on my porch, and the fella and I understand and love doggies, not everyone does. Most of the discarded dogs in farm country end up shot dead. Maggie ended up here and that made all the difference.

Friday, June 17, 2005

How I Spent The Last Week ...

Before                                                          After

Yep, 5 gallons of paint stripper, a few hours with a sandblaster and some paint can do wonders for a gal.  Provided that the gal in question is made of steel.

This old gal is a Plymouth TGT industrial locomotive.  Manufactured at the Plymouth Locomotive Works in Plymouth Ohio, she is one of  only 3 made. She and her twin spent their working days at a munitions factory in virginia. The third of the trio was manufactured to be shipped overseas.

This should be followed by a cute train story.  But I don't feel like writing one, well, that and I have to sandblast about three layers of paint off of my hands. 

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I don't get out much ...

A couple of exceedingly dull audio entries from the grocery store.  Gotta work on delivery.  Holding the phone on my shoulder and talking while pushing a cart and picking out chicken records too many breathing sounds.  Considering the content of the audio entries, perhaps being able to hear me breathe serves as proof that I am still living.   Audio entry audio Play audio entry (0 min 41 sec)   Audio entry audio Play audio entry (0 min 53 sec)

Monday, June 6, 2005

Two Ways ...

I walk two paths every evening, in my hour just before sunset, two paths that occupy the same space, the same time, two realities, one walk. 

Path One:

In the slanted golden light that is my time, evening time, just me and the boys and the birds and whatever is growing or singing in that magic hour time, I walk.  Wading now through the front hayfeild that has grown waist high and glorious, stems heavy with seed, red-winged blackbirds bursting into the air ahead of me while I head towards the June woods.  Cowhead, Wild Dog Of The Woodland (pictured above) leads the way, sniffing the air for danger or after dinner snackies he leads his dog pack into the danger of darkening treeline.  Along the woods path we creep searching, for whatever may be lurking. Then across the bridge ...

Path two:

The fella was late getting started on his way to an auction, a friend of a friend had the misfortune of blowing a tire and the great good fortune of blowing that tire just down the road from us. He had a spare tire, but no spare rim so he pulled his car into the shop and we pulled the shredded tire and rim off of his car -- put the new tire on the rim that the shredded tire was on and then back on his car. Sigh.  Then a new light on the tail of the trailer that the fella was toting to an auction and dinner and a shower and "your suitcase is packed" and a quick dinner and "your reservation and maps and all that you need on your trip is in the truck" and a quick hug and "off you go" and it is eight PM, and "safe trip" and the dogs are barking, wanting their walkies and the light is going and ...

Man, I am tired.  And dirty. I stink.  Wow was it hot today or what?  Walkies, woods and bugs! Uggh! Bug Spray!  Deep Woods Off, at least that will cover the stench of dirt and sweat gathered over the afternoon.  Won't do a thing about the way that I look, all cover ed with dust and grease, but me and the dogs and walkies and "who cares?" So we head toward the front field, swarms of bugs swirl around my head and "oh hell! How deep can this grass get?  What if I step on a snake or something dead?"  ...

One path really, two views.  Glass half full or half empty -- mostly, I say, almost always, almost always both at the same time.

Friday, June 3, 2005

B&O Caboose Flys Again

Short on clever descriptions this evening. Just photos that I took before and after the caboose flew to her new perch. The time inbetween was spent pushing to line up the pins on the trucks with the recievers on the caboose.



Caboose is home.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

40 Acres and ...

Forty Acres and a Mule is the way that it was, maybe sometime, but for me, for me, heaven is forty acres, two dogs and an hour just before sunset.  Walkies like no one in the city and very few out in farm country experience.  The doggie hour.  No leashes, no rules ('cept "stay in your yard!") Wandering here and there, where-ever the dogs think there might be something interesting. "Dog Pack Time." They follow their noses, I follow them.  Walkies. Dog walkies, not people walkies. 

First, the boys took me to the woods, to a patch of the flowers like the ones that appeared in my "Just Pretty" entry. Because the boys were all dog distracted digging for something that may have smelled like a nest of mousers or maybe bunnie snacks, I had time to notice that some of the "just pretty" flowers in my forty acre yard appear in lavender, instead of white.

After, we crossed a walk bridge over the [drainage ditch] stream and waked through the open field.  The boys found more smells that HAD to be investigated, and I looked down and noticed tiny, tiny, blue flowers in the tall grass.  I had to get down to earthworm level to see them properly, but they were stunning!

Back through the feild, a stop at my garden, where I pulled weeds, took photos of bees, and I hate to say, the boys ate two bunnies that they had managed to catch. Then back to the house and the pond where the guy below was warming up for his nightly serinade.  Frog song to end the evening. 

Busy Bee

Crawling along on my hands-n-knees this evening I noticed this little guy just to my right.  He and dozens of his kind were gathering nectar, I was pulling weeds. I had a camera handy, they, better things to do.  Honey Bees take pollen and make honey, people take pictures. 

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Just Pretty


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Audio entry from the grocery store

I was having a dilemma finding plain vanilla ice cream.  I left an audio entry (a short one).  Then I had trouble ending the entry so there is silence on the end.  Oh well, yet another example of my complete inability to multi-task.

But you would think that I could shop for ice cream and talk on the phone at the same time, but guess not. 

By the way I ended up settling for french vanilla.  ;-)

Friday, May 27, 2005


Tuesday we picked-up the latest piece for our railroad collection.  Ok, WE didn't pick up the caboose -- a company from near Dayton picked-up the caboose, using two cranes ... anyway.  We drove the caboose back home.  The rest of this week has been spent laying 60 ft. of standard guage rail for a "parking place" for the caboose and cleaning and painting the wheels and trucks. We have a lift tentatively scheduled to re-rail the caboose here sometime next week, weather permiting.

For those that care (rail fans) the caboose ran on the B&O line, her number is C-3008.  We bought her from a gentleman who had her on display in Carlisle, Ohio.


Our truck with loaded caboose, as we arrived home.  A train-truck!


While we were rigging the caboose a work vehicle ran past us on the CSX line, it was a truck pulling railroad cars!  A truck-train!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

One From Today


Friday, May 20, 2005

Wildflowers In The Woods

To see a world in a grain of sand

And Heaven in a wildflower, 

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand 

And eternity in an hour.

William Blake

Dutchmen's Breeches

Why they are called Snowdrops


Yellow Violets!


 I took these photos two weeks ago and meant to post them then.  That is the way that things go sometimes, capture beauty when it happens, share it when I can.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Blessings From The Passing of Years

Blessings from the passing of years, shortening memory and complete lack of concern over looking like boiled hell in a pudding bag. Those are the gifts that advancing age brings, for me, for me. 

The fella, the dredge and I spent the last several days cleaning the bottom of a water pond at a local quarry. More blessings! Limestone with no inclusions!  Dredge work requires someone to operate the machine and someone else to pay attention in the event that a hose needs to be moved or something goes wrong.  As a rule, when surrounded by thousands of tons of crushed rock in neat piles, I would be all distracted looking for crystals or different minerals or ... but blessings!  I was amongst North Western Ohio rock. The land here is dead flat and the bedrock deadly dull white limestone and almost nothing else.  Perfect for road building and what have you, but no distraction in stone here.

Yep, I started this entry admitting that I no longer care that today I drove to the corner to pick-up milk and coke wearing jeans that were ankles to knees white from limestone dust, a t-shirt that looked as if I had just left a mud wresting match and a hairstyle that could only have been achieved by wearing a hard hat for eight hours.  I didn't care! Ha!  Better! As my memory is shot full of holes, likely by tomorrow, I will not even remember the event. Ha!

I am ending this entry by announcing that I am liking this getting older thing!


Monday, May 9, 2005

Two Words

Vegetable Garden.

I will post pics when I am done planting.  :-)

Oh, and this evening while I was planting corn, puppy brought me a freshly dead woodchuck. Guess puppy was still upset about that whole six more weeks of winter thing from February.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

I am STILL not gonna ride in a wicker basket that tips sideways ...

That I turned out to be completely wrong about the "Tower of Terror" ride at Disney World featuring wicker baskets that tip the standing (and screaming) passengers sideways to near expulsion and free-fall to certain death IS NOT my fault.  It was the billboard and the bus ride and being with two of my sisters and laughing until we were all silly.

The promotional sign for the ride along the bus route from the hotel to the park DID look like the passengers were riding in a wicker basket.  And I had been listening to one of my sisters describe how terrifying the ride was.  :: Putting my hand to my heart ::  I swear to you I have my suspicions about aluminum belonging to the flighty classification of structural materials. Woven reeds?  I don't trust wicker to safely transport potato chips.  ::  Waving both hands in a shooing motion ::  The ride turned out to be made of steel. It was terrifying as promised, and I proudly point out that I was less terrified than my sister J.  Ha!

See there sister A, I wrote about the wicker basket!

Friday, April 29, 2005

Not that I obsess on things ...

Ok, yah I do. 

It is a useful quality when I am trying to figure out why a particular piece of equipment won't do what it is supposed to be doing, or why it is doing something that it is not supposed to do.  It turned out to be useful regarding banishing the sickening knots in my stomach feeling that accompanied the realization that entire journals have been deleted, never to be retrieved, on the say so of one [count em ONE]  "notify AOL" complaint.  I knew that it happened to threads on message boards, but deleting "did not", "did too", "did not", "did to" really isn't that much of a loss. But a Journal,

the thoughts and words of a living breathing human being, offered up and placed in your care, just GONE, zap! Deleted.  Destroyed.

Because someone complained.  (and worse there was no rational basis for the complaint.)

That realization bothered me more deeply than I let on. I felt violated and assaulted and it wasn't even my journal that was affected. 

Then I realized why.

I grew up with an alcoholic mother. I loved her deeply and I honor her memory still, but there was a period of years when things were bad.  Very very bad.  Mom suffered from occasional alcoholic rages.  While infrequent, they were (as alcoholic rages tend to be) completely irrational, viscious and aimed at one person.  Usually that person was me.  In those instances, I would find myself the target of her wrath for no reason that I could discern.  I am not saying that I was a perfect teenager, far from it but wow, that woman could yell when she was on a tear.  Usually too, she would choose a very public setting for her outbursts. I would find myself humiliated with no warning or recourse, in front of an audience, for an imaginary transgression with no opportunity for explanation or defense, done.

All that was many years ago, and I have resolved the inequity of that situation, but the memory remains.  The memory of groundless public humiliation abides beyond apologies, beyond years, despite reparations.  It haunts. 

I know that apologies to Armand have been made.  I know that a commitment has been made to all journalers that the entirety of their work will no longer be summarily deleted based upon a single (possibly completely unfounded) complaint.   Excellent!  Step one and two have been made in the corporate journey wherein the corporation stops acting like an alcoholic on a rant and realizes that journalers are just as human (and their feelings as important) as the complainers. 

Thanks for the trip down memory lane AOL. 

Ok, now I really am done -- I mean it. (ok maybe not -- we will see)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

One "oops" cancels out ten "atta boys"

This is the more and it is later, so that works. I have read John's entry regarding AOL's serious reaction to the deletion of a popular journal.  I believe that the people of AOL are taking the issue seriously.  I also believe that this people doesn't trust the corporation despite that. 

On the other hand, I am an AOL junkie.  Almost 12 years now.  The interface IS easy to use <-- that from a person that worships at the altar of Microsoft products, which the AOL system seems to have "issues" with.  The channels concept is wonderful (mostly because I don't end up wading through mind numbing pablum that others find entertaining, just to get to the content that I want to read). The people (members and volunteers) are some of the most unbelievable, quality people that I am never going to meet. 

On the other hand, the whole double secret, passive agressive, sneak behind the electrons power trip provided to the self styled thought victims DRIVES ME NUTS! My personal opinion, if you are offended enough to contact the authorities, you ought to be adult enough to tell the offending party 1. Who you are.  2. Why you thought the material in question was offensive.  The secretive nature of the complaint process enables the shy as well as the overly sensitive [and forgive me -- wack job power trippers]. That both are given equal creedence and both creedence over the purported purveyor of offense -- well, that offends me.  Where do I complain about that?  Oh, yah here.  Enough!  I am done!  Back to talking about mostly nothing and sometimes poop, umm err -- I mean, biosolids.

Got me Ta Thinkin

I have spent some time thinking these last few days, thinking about my reliance on the information that I have stored on AOL being available when I need to access it. My favorites list, the e-mail addresses of family and friends, my journal -- such as it is. I could function without the journal (except for the contact with friends that I have made here). Loosing access to my favorites list would be killer. 

I have known for a long time that Internet Explorer is a better place to store this information, but clicky clicky and it is in favorites ... sigh.  Easy but stupid, it seems now.  I (and everyone else it seems) is one whack job complaint away from being wildly inconvienenced.

More later -- I have to sign off to run an errand.


Friday, April 22, 2005

Earth Day --

Thirty five years of observance and action have brought progress and paperwork, cleaner air, concern for our environment and rivers that no longer are in danger of catching fire. We have traveled far enough along the road that the burden of improvement has moved from corporations and manufacturers to individuals.

Will there still be marches and banners hung when the realization hits that our perfect ever green, weed less lawns are now the danger?  Grease and cooking oil washed down the drain is as bad as industrial chemicals in our rivers? When it comes to choosing between ultra clean this and antibacterial that or reducing the surfactants that we dump into the watershed?  We will see. More importantly, I believe that we will do. We have to.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Catching -Up, Comments, and other things

... First, a special thanks to Mrs. L for the poet comment regarding "Mother Nature Wore Silver ..." entry.  Honest to pete, made my day!  Round these parts I am known as "the poop lady" (sigh) yes, I am serious.  "Poop Lady" is Kinda an earned title on the order of "Miss America" or "Homecoming Queen", well kinda minus the fancy dress, sash, tiara, adoring crowd and parade.  You would think that I would at least get a sparkly headpiece.  Harrumph.  Anyway -- hence my delight at being referred to as a poet.

... Laughing at Shaz's comment about how I sounded in my audio entry.  Wanna know something wild? I have 5 sisters and we ALL sound like that! LOL!  Imagine the lot of us together!

... Hestia!  Absolutely go see the HalfaJesus! Scared the dickens right out of me when I drove over the hill! I suppose that might have been the point.  It truly IS something, myself, I prefer my Jesus in a less startling form, but afterall this is the US of A and we don't do anything small here, 'specially not God.  Let me know what you think of the statue?  Oh, and hillbilly music is not whiny-- bluegrass do you mean?  Country music is the music of life, bluegrass is music of the soul, the wind and the weather and the heart sung in harmony. A blessing!

... David (sigh) -- thank God for the internet where I can simply type my thanks that you are in this world, 'cause otherwise I would have to do something dramatic and requiring and effort of some sort on my part, like attempting a swim across the Atlantic and being attacked by sharks or giant squid in the process and my expression of joy and gratitude would get all lost in the tabloid headlines and stories complete with photos of missing body parts and all.  I presume that you will ignore the run-on sentence and the odd segue into carnage and get my meaning? ;-)

Enough for one entry!  If I left anyone out, sorry!  (But after the giant squid reference -- ya really want me to try to say thank-you?  LOL!  Presume that I did and meant it gracefully at that!)



Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Quick Wave Hello!

I have been working out of town lately, little time and less energy is left at the end of the day to type journal entries.  Instead, I am waving hello!  And promising to write a real entry soon.



Sunday, April 3, 2005

Move OVER Barry Manilow!!!!

I have found the soundtrack for the rest of my life!  Cowboy Cool!

I am aware that there is some danger my recommending any album, given my notoriously awful taste in music, still. If you are more or less inclined to like both of the best kinds of music (that would be country and western) this album will grab your heart and send it flying to the stars.  Honest.

An independent, his music is available only in a limited number of stores and online from Amazon or his website.  Worth the effort, I tell you!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mother Nature Wore Silver Today

I woke to a silver world, overcast skies, the grass and trees were dressed in overcoats of ice. This morning my little world danced with shades of sparkling gray.  By noon the sun peeked between the clouds and light turned the silver to gold's and blues, but this morning all was shining silver.  Winter's last style show.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Audio entry

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sooo yanno what? I went to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea for me!  I spent a week with two of my sisters wandering around a very bright, very clean, very entertaining place.  Roller coasters are less scary and somewhat more painful when you get old.  I noticed.

The housekeeping staff at the Disney resorts are way more fun than usual though.  When inspired by a generous tip left on the pillow (no -- 50 cents is not generous) -- they might -- they just might -- using the magic of Disney, rubber bands and stickers, fold your washcloths into cute animal shapes!  :: Tell no one - that was the very best part of the Disney experience for me ::

We stayed at the "Pop Century" resort which was way too much fun!  Had a big wheel in front of the building that was sized for an 800 pound child.  No really, it said that right above the seat. There was an oversize shoe hanging off the balcony railing right outside our room, and a mood ring ... never mind.

Anyway, as amazing as Disney was -- something on the ride home took my breath away.  As in gasping in astonishment took my breath away.  Cincinnati, OH off of 75 -- a sight -- no that isn't quite the phrase for it. The vision.  Not it either.

The Amazing, Gigantic, Butter cream (colored) HalfaJesus.

That's it!


62 foot tall -- the largest Jesus statue in America (Praise the Lord). As I came over a hill just north of Cincinnati, there in the evening light, smack next to the highway, was the halfaJesus rising (or wading) in a pond in front of a church. My, it was large. Now I know why the left is afraid of the Christian right, they suspect that there will be one of those on every corner.  Even for me -- that one was MORE than enough.

Wonder how it would look sitting on top of that giant big wheel?