Monday, January 31, 2005

Just a thought ..

Man, I love that song!!! Not for any particular reason -- just cause it is a GREAT song!  Of course in my Music Net line-up it is followed by The Stars and Stripes Forever then She's a lady -- so ...  Ahem. 

I DO own classical music, listen to it too, makes me cry with joy, not that I would admit that to anyone but close friends.  No good putting on airs in farm world, makes folk look at you weird.  Not because folk out here are uncultured -- contrarywise, just the opposite mostly.  Neighbor gal used to be a ballerina, NO, a real ballerina. Honest to heavens toe shoes and on pointe and everything. Sadly, often the arts do not pay the bills.  Reality.  Married to a farmer / truck driver she lives just a mile east of here on a farm.  Denying the coulda been's, when she walks, she walks like fallen leaves stirred by a passing breeze.  Rustling, she gathers herself, then swirling and dancing she moves across a room.  Farm wife, she describes herself. Fortunately she unintentionally gives lie to that with every step.

Me?  Commercial art mostly, artsy fartsy family, went to a fairly decent commercial art school in Pasadena even.  Now I drive tractors and such.  Odd, the folk that exist out in fly over land.

Not the point of my entry.  Michael Jackson.  I grew up knowing a fairly odd assortment of creative types.  Because of that, I wonder, behind the freakish mask that cosmetic surgery created, beyond the genius of his music, I wonder if he really isn't telling the truth.  I say that only because I grew up with creative people and if I was voting, I would have to say that it is just possible that he does see himself as a child.  It is just possible that he is innocent, truly so.

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cneinhorn said...

It is possible that he is innocent, but only in his own mind...who knows...I don't think he's innocent by the law though...