Friday, January 14, 2005

OH! Canada!

Yesterday, as I was wolfing down a quick pseudo burrito (refried beans and American cheese on a flour tortilla zapped in the microwave -- aint great eating, but it was fast which was key) anyway, I read the package on the tortillas. Yammer yammer about the joys of roundish, flat, baked flour and water in the expected English then, what?  The same thing in a foreign language, French. What? Pause. French?  I reread expecting the letters to rearrange themselves from the lilt of French cadence to the staccato of Spanish.  Burrito packages should have Spanish on them, right? Nope. Still with the lilt.

I pondered.


Oh! [It struck me] Canada! We are just south of Canada. A large percentage of the folk to the North speak French. Explanation. Wheeew!  That mystery would have driven me nuts.



karensull12 said...

Too funny!

cneinhorn said...

LOL....I'm glad you solved the "mystery" of the french language on the mexican food product!


delela1 said...

LOL!  Great entry.  Very funny!