Saturday, January 1, 2005

The Tournament of Roses Parade had a Choo-Choo!!!

Knocked me out, a 207 foot long train, chugging down the streets of Pasadena!  That the entire thing was decorated with flowers -- well, all the floats are, but this one was something else!

Adding a link to the Tournament of Roses website, no pictures of the floats as of this writing but the parade is still going on. The float was by American Honda.

More train news.  Not nearly as spectacular, but important to me nonetheless, our little locos now have an indoor parking place!  Yea!  We put rails down in one of our pole barns and had a floor poured and last evening, our friend Mark ran our little Plymouth into the barn for the first time.


I am particularly pleased that we can now park this locomotive inside because the TGT is an extremely rare switcher engine and was manufactured here in Ohio by The Plymouth Locomotive Works, which is no longer in business. Only three of these locomotives were ever manufactured, one was built for shipment overseas and two were built for a U.S. armory in virginia.  To ensure that these two rare and still running locomotives were preserved and returned to Ohio, we, with our friend John of the Paint Valley Railroad of Chillicothe, Ohio bought the pair when they became available. 

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