Monday, February 28, 2005

The World Goes Beige

This time of year, around here, nature limits herself.   Dried grasses, dried turned fields, leafless twigs, beige. Rain and half-heated snow and fog dull the senses.  Cold air, cold soil, not a whiff of warming soil to be found.  Mother Nature gives us this neutral waiting time of year to ready us for the glory of spring. I realized that is the reason for my funk,  waiting for spring.

Last year, this season, I got out my kites.

and started this journal.  Go fly a kite! Happy words!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I Still Want the White Dress, the Party and the Promise.

Can't sleep, can't sleep, can't sleep. 

Hiatus time here folks.  Tired, but can't sleep.  White dresses, parties and promises haunt. As do all specters they, like the hope of sleep, evaporate with the light of day.

Back when I get myself sorted out.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Weekend Assignment #48 WHEN PETS ATTACK!!!

Weekend Assignment #48: Recount an amusing tale of a pet attacking someone or something. By "amusing," I mean that a) no one was seriously injured, least of all the pet (pet humiliation is okay), b) you laughed about it at the time, or sometime shortly thereafter. You know: Funny! Okay, then.


After racing at top speed to me, puppy leaps into the air all four legs extended, bounces off me, then runs off laughing.


To dispel the attack I have to be paying attention and say, as he is running full speed towards me, "don't you boink into me!" If I do -- he just buzzes me, otherwise, Boink!

The above captured boink was staged. Puppy is quite the ham.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Rat Stalking Update.

Proving yet again that rodents are smarter than people and at least 2 dogs that I know, the dogs and I spent an hour and a half this evening outside in the cold watching for THE RAT to make an appearance. THE RAT stayed all cozy in her nest under the gazebo, eating chocolates and watching two dogs and one person sitting out in the cold.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Bounce bounce bounce, pause, scamper, pause, sit up, laugh, wave in at me through the french door, right in the middle of my peeling potatoes for scalloped potatoes and ham dinner preparations, residing under my gazebo, rat invasion. Granted, an invasion of only one. Still, the size of that beast would put Punxsutawney Phil to shame.  February = weather forecasting rodents. This one wasn't carrying a barometer. And the gazebo is a summer only sorta shelter.

A rat, great. My to do list for tomorrow now reads:

Work on maintenance database.

Paint safety railings on train maintenance pit.

Vacuum and dust upstairs.

Stalk and kill one rat. 

No one tells you about things like this before you move out to the country, it is one of those things that you have to experience before you can truly appreciate.

Rat stalking update tomorrow.

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Really Terrible - Awful, Bad Bad Bad Bad Day

The burdens of modern living fell heavily upon the shoulders of one of crabby's friends today, he told me all about it while he was waiting for crabby to return from running an errand.  He had to wait HOURS in the offices of a State Agency where he went to file paperwork.  I think he said hours, I was only half listening to the sound of his voice as it was bouncing from wherever he was standing, around the tires of the floater and off of the floor where I was laying, checking the gear grease in a rear end.

I had my camera with me -- those are my feet under the floater.

I heard how a woman FINALLY came out to talk to him, did the whole "you need me and I work for the State" dance while he tried to remain reasonable. Ok, he didn't use exactly those words, I mentally changed them as I scooted along the dirty floor and twisted my arm and a grease gun into the wells of the wheels to grease the axles, as bits of dried mud, straw and cornstalk rained down on my head.

I said to myself, "oh what the hell", and gave up trying to keep grease off of my last pair of grease stainless jeans as the gear oil from the front rear end spilled onto my knees and boots, and listened as crabby's friend's lament of frustration ended with the outrage of having to make another appointment to finish filing paperwork.

Sigh.  I then HAD to see the diamond stud earrings that crabby's friend had purchased for his wife for valentine's day, sooooo I crawled out from under the dirty dripping machine to oooh and ah (they were beautiful). 

Another sigh.  Crabby's friend was inconvienenced by bureaucracy and had a terrible awful bad bad bad bad day. I, on the other hand, ruined clothes that I didn't want to get dirty because crabby needed me to service the floater right goddamn now, didn't get diamond earrings (or anything else) for valentine's day and my day wasn't all that bad.  Huh.  Something is clearly wrong with me.



Thursday, February 10, 2005

Extra Credit!!!!! Do I still have a teensy crush on Barry Manilow?

There I was, sitting on my aging and really should be doing something other than watching Ali McBeal on TV hind end, when two bars into "It's a miracle" another of those weird take me back a couple of decades moments happened.  Barry, that voice, those magic fingers on piano keys time machine of a man sang and the years just fell off. (That those years landed all over the floor and I later felt compelled to pick them back up is not the point of this entry, but the way life is. Years left laying about the living room floor create disorder and what if some visitor stumbles over one of the more awkward ones?)

I was back to an age that ends in teen.  I wish that I could say that I sprang from the couch and went for a three mile run, I didn't, but I felt that I could. Better than anti wrinkle cream and support hose that man and his music is.  How could I not have a crush ... (again)?

Weekend Assignment #47 - Teenage Crushes

I was dawdling my way to the post office yesterday, when a song playing on the radio whacked me upside the head and set me back 20 some years. She's A Bad Mama Jama was the theme song of my best friend at the time, Liz.  She was perhaps the most fun person, and without a doubt the best dancer that I ever met. We lost touch ages ago, I know that she would find it screamingly funny to discover that I ended up on a farm. Wild how scanning through radio stations can change a day. I meant to write an entry about it yesterday, then didn't.

Karma via electrons, I was already back in the early eighties so making the mental leap of a decade (or so, shut-up!) to do the weekend assignment was not nearly as difficult as it might have been. Very first ever?  Barry Manilow. I remember the songs and the way that he sang them. Alternately heartbreaking then laugh out loud funny, gotta love a man that can make you cry and laugh in one sitting. Play Time in New England back to back with Copacabana sometime, you don't need to do you? Time in New England took me away to the Copa Copacabana. Yep that's what I mean.  Oh, apologies to anyone that spends the rest of the day with Copacabana running through your head, that song is a sticker for sure.

Ok --this is a silly request ...

Crabby guy likes to keep watch on the counter on his railroad page. He wonders who has stopped by and wonders why some days the counter jumps by 10 then nothing for a week.  :: looking shocked!::  I would never just keep clicking on and off of his page to play with his head.  Never!

Anyway if you have a few spare seconds, click on this link you will get a quick view of some smallish cho-cho trains and give me a reason to laugh when he wonders what is going on with his counter.  :-)


Monday, February 7, 2005

The Wild Cow of Alvada ~AND~ Dancing in the Dark

Ohio steers don't often jump fences and make a run for it, mostly because steers in Ohio (I imagine) have enough sense to realize that reaching steer "it" would require a ticket on a jet headed west and an awkward transition through airport security. "Is that fertilizer that we detect on your hooves?" Talk about having some 'splainin to do.

Farm life. Once last spring a steer did jump a fence on a neighboring farm and managed to both stay loose for more than a week and work the men folk into a frenzy. There were men in pickups and on 3 and 4 wheelers running up and down roads, lanes and into every patch of woods for miles around. Steers are dangerous and one on the loose with plans to head west, maybe by jumping a freight train, have to be found.  It was quite exciting, at least for the fellas. Maybe not so much for the steer because it was found it was in a clearing in a woods eating grass, without evidence of any further travel plans.

Farm Life. Farm folk don't get out much.  A person has to be good at being alone if they are going to be happy out here. I am better at alone than anybody I know.  Still, I miss dancing.  My solution? Every night after the fella has fallen asleep, I creep into the basement, CD player and headphones in hand, in the dark I dance.

Dancing alone in the dark is similar to singing really loud while driving down the freeway.  Liberating and joy full and blessedly without an audience.  I love to dance, always have. That I have always been completely uncoordinated and have now reached an age when random body parts fail with no warning whatsoever will not stop me. If I can manage to negotiate the grocery aisles wondering if my knees are going to lock or my elbows suddenly refuse to bend or maybe just a finger or two refusing to bend, I can dance in the basement in the dark. It aint wild cow chasing, but it will do.

Sunday, February 6, 2005


February and I am still in the process of taking down my Christmas Tree.  :: Holding up my right hand and swearing that it is true :: Festive Holiday Tree is still blocking the living room window.  Yikes.

This is so far out of any reasonable period of delay that I am going to have to make up some story about how I soooooo liked the look of a tree in the living room that I left it up until I found a suitable replacement.  Now where can I find a "Rest of the Year Tree"? 

Serious question here folks, how crazy would it be to do a "Tree of Life" as a permanent part of the decor in a living room?  Help! I am gonna have to do something to pull off the "why it took me 2 months to take down the Christmas Tree lie".  LOL