Sunday, February 6, 2005


February and I am still in the process of taking down my Christmas Tree.  :: Holding up my right hand and swearing that it is true :: Festive Holiday Tree is still blocking the living room window.  Yikes.

This is so far out of any reasonable period of delay that I am going to have to make up some story about how I soooooo liked the look of a tree in the living room that I left it up until I found a suitable replacement.  Now where can I find a "Rest of the Year Tree"? 

Serious question here folks, how crazy would it be to do a "Tree of Life" as a permanent part of the decor in a living room?  Help! I am gonna have to do something to pull off the "why it took me 2 months to take down the Christmas Tree lie".  LOL


jcnspots said...

Do you REALLY, seriously, honestly believe that anyone would buy that tree of life crap?  <G>  And do you really, seriously, honestly believe that anyone's going to let you forget that you still had your stupid Christmas Tree up on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY????? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oceanmrc said...

Well, this morning I was sitting in church and during the announcements about the beginning of Lent, which is Ash WEdnesday, which is in 3 days,  I looked up and noticed that the Christmas wreaths are still hanging above the altar.

So I figure you have 3 more days, otherwise tree of life it is.

krobbie67 said...

How can I say this nicely? Hmmm.....I would tell people until they came and took the tree down for you, that they should shut their trap. Yeah it's a Christmas tree, yeah it's February. So what!  ;-) ---Robbie