Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Bounce bounce bounce, pause, scamper, pause, sit up, laugh, wave in at me through the french door, right in the middle of my peeling potatoes for scalloped potatoes and ham dinner preparations, residing under my gazebo, rat invasion. Granted, an invasion of only one. Still, the size of that beast would put Punxsutawney Phil to shame.  February = weather forecasting rodents. This one wasn't carrying a barometer. And the gazebo is a summer only sorta shelter.

A rat, great. My to do list for tomorrow now reads:

Work on maintenance database.

Paint safety railings on train maintenance pit.

Vacuum and dust upstairs.

Stalk and kill one rat. 

No one tells you about things like this before you move out to the country, it is one of those things that you have to experience before you can truly appreciate.

Rat stalking update tomorrow.


oceanmrc said...

You have to do it in the city, too.  I spent several days last winter stalking a rat which came from the junky storage space of the church behind us under the fence to my bird feeders and then when it got cold moved into the basement.  It about did me in that we had to kill it but it obviously it couldn't live in our basement and make its occasional forays up to the kitchen.

I would've been perfectly fine for it to stay out back.

thisismary said...

Two years ago a different one wanted to reside in the garage stairwell to the basement.  I know what you mean about killing them, sigh, I spent a good five minutes trying to convince myself that it was someone's pet chinchilla that had escaped. The tail made that hard to rationalize, still, I tried.  :-)

karensull12 said...

Good luck.  That kind of freaks me out.

shadp said...

Fantastic - a rat hunt! The dogs will love it, what fun! You can invite all the neighbours over for the chase - and get them to pay a cap to join in! The mention of Punxsutawney Phil makes me long to watch that wonderful movie again - Groundhog Day, was it?


cneinhorn said...

yikes!  hope you get that sneaky little bugger!