Monday, February 14, 2005

The Really Terrible - Awful, Bad Bad Bad Bad Day

The burdens of modern living fell heavily upon the shoulders of one of crabby's friends today, he told me all about it while he was waiting for crabby to return from running an errand.  He had to wait HOURS in the offices of a State Agency where he went to file paperwork.  I think he said hours, I was only half listening to the sound of his voice as it was bouncing from wherever he was standing, around the tires of the floater and off of the floor where I was laying, checking the gear grease in a rear end.

I had my camera with me -- those are my feet under the floater.

I heard how a woman FINALLY came out to talk to him, did the whole "you need me and I work for the State" dance while he tried to remain reasonable. Ok, he didn't use exactly those words, I mentally changed them as I scooted along the dirty floor and twisted my arm and a grease gun into the wells of the wheels to grease the axles, as bits of dried mud, straw and cornstalk rained down on my head.

I said to myself, "oh what the hell", and gave up trying to keep grease off of my last pair of grease stainless jeans as the gear oil from the front rear end spilled onto my knees and boots, and listened as crabby's friend's lament of frustration ended with the outrage of having to make another appointment to finish filing paperwork.

Sigh.  I then HAD to see the diamond stud earrings that crabby's friend had purchased for his wife for valentine's day, sooooo I crawled out from under the dirty dripping machine to oooh and ah (they were beautiful). 

Another sigh.  Crabby's friend was inconvienenced by bureaucracy and had a terrible awful bad bad bad bad day. I, on the other hand, ruined clothes that I didn't want to get dirty because crabby needed me to service the floater right goddamn now, didn't get diamond earrings (or anything else) for valentine's day and my day wasn't all that bad.  Huh.  Something is clearly wrong with me.




delela1 said...

Ugh!  I thought scrubbing hard water stains was bad!  You win, hands down.  Personally, I think some men have an aversion to diamonds.  It's like a me, I know exactly how you feel.  Valentine's Day at our house is just another day.  Hrrmmmppphhhh.  Men!

karensull12 said...

I think what's wrong is that crabby's feet aren't planted in reality like yours are.

rachealcarol said...

Didn't get diamond earings either Mary, and am not bothered one bit.  You have a great journal.  xxR

shadp said...

Can't see any oil on that fine pair of boots - no polish either for that matter! Just teasing - honestly ... honest! People get diamond earrings for - Valentines Day?? The mind boggles at what they must get for Christmas then! Thank heavens all that's way behind me now!


thisismary said...

Polish?  What?  Waterproofer, yes!  Shiny?  Oh, not so much! LOL  Most of my time is spent ankle deep in mud and poop so efforts at shiny feet would be mostly wasted.  But for you David, sigh, anything.  :-)

nonnieclipncurl said...

Hey there!  Nonnie here!  Hon!  What is going on with those feet of yours?  Why, I ask you, are they under heavy equipment??  I am going to faint, I am!  The thought! How would you ever keep an up-do intact?  :-)

jevanslink said...

Ah, the Zen of checking gear grease in a rear end.  You may not have diamonds on your ears, but your observations on life sparkle just as much.  Mrs. L