Monday, March 7, 2005

Early Spring!

Spring may creep in on little kitten's feet (a mangled quote -- apologies to the actual text and author, I looked, couldn't find -- waving both hands -- what?  consult a book of quotes that is in my library?  That would require an effort of some sort on my part.  Poo! on that!) Sigh, starting over.

Spring may creep in on little kitten's feet, but Mother Nature clomps in on the bottoms of everyone's shoes. Spring makes me long for pavement, miles and miles of hard surface.  I catch myself wishing to look at nature from a surface that will not adhere itself to the cuffs of my pants and seep into the seams of my sneakers.

Yesterday was glorious sunny and fifty degrees - I went for an extra long walkies with the boys and we brought at least half of the path that we walked back and deposited it in the garage entryway.  Early spring!


oceanmrc said...

It's fog that comes in on little cat feet (Carl Sandburg).

I did notice that my new clogs were caked with mud yesterday.  But it's back down below 20 tonight -- I'll take the mud any day.

thisismary said...

Bless you! (Oceanmrc)!  I knew that I almost remembered that quote!  Was driving me out of my mind! LOL  Fog! (and squirrels! and spring!) Wait!  That was an earlier entry!  Thanks again!  :-)

delela1 said...

Well, it may be fog, but I liked your version as well.  Right or wrong, it fits!  As for me and my two four legged family members, :::sigh::: I'm in serious need of some sod in the back yard.  Seriously serious need.

The spring rains haven't even started yet.  :/