Wednesday, March 2, 2005

I love it when things like this happen!!!

Following the ever cool Mrs. L to Patrick's Place -- I too did the "which website are you quiz"   I love it when things like this happen!!!

You are You feel the internet makes you stupid.  You like really bad websites. Making fun of stupid people comes naturally. You use Lunix on yuor computar.
Which Website are You?


delela1 said...

OMG!!! Mary, I got the same thing!  I'm 'Something Awful' too!  Which makes me wonder...does that mean I lied on the quiz...or is the dark side of me that enjoys these quizzes?   Hmmmmm......

Glad to see you back!  You were missed....~Dona

shadp said...

Had a look at the quiz, but couldn't even understand the questions! Okay - so I'm a cyber-Neanderthal - and proud of it!