Monday, March 7, 2005

Railroad Update!

Painting rails.  Yep, that has been my activity for the last week or so. Ok, Beams and rails.  The beams and rails in the Loco maintenance pit.  Can't have unsightly bare metal when bright yellow and red look so cool! Particularly cool when standing underneath 12 tons of locomotive supported on those beams and rails.  Cool cool cool!  Pictured is the chain drive of our Brookville.  Below is a photo of our Brookville working (we made the stone car too).  Engineers (not the ones that wear the funny hats and drive trains) eat your hearts out! Ha!


shadp said...

Hey - this is all incredibly enterprising! Your own railway line, 12 ton locomotive, and Loco maintenance pit - in psychedelic colours? What a marvellous place it looks. Oh and yes, I know exactly what you mean about springtime - bringing Nature, red in claw and tooth, into the house!


delela1 said...

Very, very cool indeed.  My mother's father, her grandfather and her brother all worked for the rail road...both pappy's were hog heads, and uncle was a telegraph clerk.  :)  So, I likey, a lotty.  ~Dona  PS Right on about the engineers!

cneinhorn said...

wow, so very cool and great photos!


jevanslink said...

Locomotive babe, huh?  What a concept.  Mrs. L