Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sooo yanno what? I went to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea for me!  I spent a week with two of my sisters wandering around a very bright, very clean, very entertaining place.  Roller coasters are less scary and somewhat more painful when you get old.  I noticed.

The housekeeping staff at the Disney resorts are way more fun than usual though.  When inspired by a generous tip left on the pillow (no -- 50 cents is not generous) -- they might -- they just might -- using the magic of Disney, rubber bands and stickers, fold your washcloths into cute animal shapes!  :: Tell no one - that was the very best part of the Disney experience for me ::

We stayed at the "Pop Century" resort which was way too much fun!  Had a big wheel in front of the building that was sized for an 800 pound child.  No really, it said that right above the seat. There was an oversize shoe hanging off the balcony railing right outside our room, and a mood ring ... never mind.

Anyway, as amazing as Disney was -- something on the ride home took my breath away.  As in gasping in astonishment took my breath away.  Cincinnati, OH off of 75 -- a sight -- no that isn't quite the phrase for it. The vision.  Not it either.

The Amazing, Gigantic, Butter cream (colored) HalfaJesus.

That's it!


62 foot tall -- the largest Jesus statue in America (Praise the Lord). As I came over a hill just north of Cincinnati, there in the evening light, smack next to the highway, was the halfaJesus rising (or wading) in a pond in front of a church. My, it was large. Now I know why the left is afraid of the Christian right, they suspect that there will be one of those on every corner.  Even for me -- that one was MORE than enough.

Wonder how it would look sitting on top of that giant big wheel?





delela1 said...

WOW!  Disney World...loved that place.  I was there in January 1999 armed with a 4 day park hopper pass.  Had the time of my life, after waiting over half my life...27 go.  And it was so worth every year of waiting.  :)

And that Jesus statue.  Awesome.

Glad your back!  ~Dona

shadp said...

That jumbo halfaJesus statue must be truly scary! Well, I always did think of America as a land of extremes. And, as you already hinted, the message here is obviously - Don't mess with the Christian Right!


cneinhorn said...

glad you had fun at Disney!  I'll have to remember to be generous with the housekeeping staff if I ever get back there!  like your new sidebar photo too...


hestiahomeschool said...

rofl...I live just south of of the Giant Half Jesus. Perhaps I will have to arrange a pilgrimage...