Friday, April 29, 2005

Not that I obsess on things ...

Ok, yah I do. 

It is a useful quality when I am trying to figure out why a particular piece of equipment won't do what it is supposed to be doing, or why it is doing something that it is not supposed to do.  It turned out to be useful regarding banishing the sickening knots in my stomach feeling that accompanied the realization that entire journals have been deleted, never to be retrieved, on the say so of one [count em ONE]  "notify AOL" complaint.  I knew that it happened to threads on message boards, but deleting "did not", "did too", "did not", "did to" really isn't that much of a loss. But a Journal,

the thoughts and words of a living breathing human being, offered up and placed in your care, just GONE, zap! Deleted.  Destroyed.

Because someone complained.  (and worse there was no rational basis for the complaint.)

That realization bothered me more deeply than I let on. I felt violated and assaulted and it wasn't even my journal that was affected. 

Then I realized why.

I grew up with an alcoholic mother. I loved her deeply and I honor her memory still, but there was a period of years when things were bad.  Very very bad.  Mom suffered from occasional alcoholic rages.  While infrequent, they were (as alcoholic rages tend to be) completely irrational, viscious and aimed at one person.  Usually that person was me.  In those instances, I would find myself the target of her wrath for no reason that I could discern.  I am not saying that I was a perfect teenager, far from it but wow, that woman could yell when she was on a tear.  Usually too, she would choose a very public setting for her outbursts. I would find myself humiliated with no warning or recourse, in front of an audience, for an imaginary transgression with no opportunity for explanation or defense, done.

All that was many years ago, and I have resolved the inequity of that situation, but the memory remains.  The memory of groundless public humiliation abides beyond apologies, beyond years, despite reparations.  It haunts. 

I know that apologies to Armand have been made.  I know that a commitment has been made to all journalers that the entirety of their work will no longer be summarily deleted based upon a single (possibly completely unfounded) complaint.   Excellent!  Step one and two have been made in the corporate journey wherein the corporation stops acting like an alcoholic on a rant and realizes that journalers are just as human (and their feelings as important) as the complainers. 

Thanks for the trip down memory lane AOL. 

Ok, now I really am done -- I mean it. (ok maybe not -- we will see)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

One "oops" cancels out ten "atta boys"

This is the more and it is later, so that works. I have read John's entry regarding AOL's serious reaction to the deletion of a popular journal.  I believe that the people of AOL are taking the issue seriously.  I also believe that this people doesn't trust the corporation despite that. 

On the other hand, I am an AOL junkie.  Almost 12 years now.  The interface IS easy to use <-- that from a person that worships at the altar of Microsoft products, which the AOL system seems to have "issues" with.  The channels concept is wonderful (mostly because I don't end up wading through mind numbing pablum that others find entertaining, just to get to the content that I want to read). The people (members and volunteers) are some of the most unbelievable, quality people that I am never going to meet. 

On the other hand, the whole double secret, passive agressive, sneak behind the electrons power trip provided to the self styled thought victims DRIVES ME NUTS! My personal opinion, if you are offended enough to contact the authorities, you ought to be adult enough to tell the offending party 1. Who you are.  2. Why you thought the material in question was offensive.  The secretive nature of the complaint process enables the shy as well as the overly sensitive [and forgive me -- wack job power trippers]. That both are given equal creedence and both creedence over the purported purveyor of offense -- well, that offends me.  Where do I complain about that?  Oh, yah here.  Enough!  I am done!  Back to talking about mostly nothing and sometimes poop, umm err -- I mean, biosolids.

Got me Ta Thinkin

I have spent some time thinking these last few days, thinking about my reliance on the information that I have stored on AOL being available when I need to access it. My favorites list, the e-mail addresses of family and friends, my journal -- such as it is. I could function without the journal (except for the contact with friends that I have made here). Loosing access to my favorites list would be killer. 

I have known for a long time that Internet Explorer is a better place to store this information, but clicky clicky and it is in favorites ... sigh.  Easy but stupid, it seems now.  I (and everyone else it seems) is one whack job complaint away from being wildly inconvienenced.

More later -- I have to sign off to run an errand.


Friday, April 22, 2005

Earth Day --

Thirty five years of observance and action have brought progress and paperwork, cleaner air, concern for our environment and rivers that no longer are in danger of catching fire. We have traveled far enough along the road that the burden of improvement has moved from corporations and manufacturers to individuals.

Will there still be marches and banners hung when the realization hits that our perfect ever green, weed less lawns are now the danger?  Grease and cooking oil washed down the drain is as bad as industrial chemicals in our rivers? When it comes to choosing between ultra clean this and antibacterial that or reducing the surfactants that we dump into the watershed?  We will see. More importantly, I believe that we will do. We have to.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Catching -Up, Comments, and other things

... First, a special thanks to Mrs. L for the poet comment regarding "Mother Nature Wore Silver ..." entry.  Honest to pete, made my day!  Round these parts I am known as "the poop lady" (sigh) yes, I am serious.  "Poop Lady" is Kinda an earned title on the order of "Miss America" or "Homecoming Queen", well kinda minus the fancy dress, sash, tiara, adoring crowd and parade.  You would think that I would at least get a sparkly headpiece.  Harrumph.  Anyway -- hence my delight at being referred to as a poet.

... Laughing at Shaz's comment about how I sounded in my audio entry.  Wanna know something wild? I have 5 sisters and we ALL sound like that! LOL!  Imagine the lot of us together!

... Hestia!  Absolutely go see the HalfaJesus! Scared the dickens right out of me when I drove over the hill! I suppose that might have been the point.  It truly IS something, myself, I prefer my Jesus in a less startling form, but afterall this is the US of A and we don't do anything small here, 'specially not God.  Let me know what you think of the statue?  Oh, and hillbilly music is not whiny-- bluegrass do you mean?  Country music is the music of life, bluegrass is music of the soul, the wind and the weather and the heart sung in harmony. A blessing!

... David (sigh) -- thank God for the internet where I can simply type my thanks that you are in this world, 'cause otherwise I would have to do something dramatic and requiring and effort of some sort on my part, like attempting a swim across the Atlantic and being attacked by sharks or giant squid in the process and my expression of joy and gratitude would get all lost in the tabloid headlines and stories complete with photos of missing body parts and all.  I presume that you will ignore the run-on sentence and the odd segue into carnage and get my meaning? ;-)

Enough for one entry!  If I left anyone out, sorry!  (But after the giant squid reference -- ya really want me to try to say thank-you?  LOL!  Presume that I did and meant it gracefully at that!)



Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Quick Wave Hello!

I have been working out of town lately, little time and less energy is left at the end of the day to type journal entries.  Instead, I am waving hello!  And promising to write a real entry soon.



Sunday, April 3, 2005

Move OVER Barry Manilow!!!!

I have found the soundtrack for the rest of my life!  Cowboy Cool!

I am aware that there is some danger my recommending any album, given my notoriously awful taste in music, still. If you are more or less inclined to like both of the best kinds of music (that would be country and western) this album will grab your heart and send it flying to the stars.  Honest.

An independent, his music is available only in a limited number of stores and online from Amazon or his website.  Worth the effort, I tell you!