Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Catching -Up, Comments, and other things

... First, a special thanks to Mrs. L for the poet comment regarding "Mother Nature Wore Silver ..." entry.  Honest to pete, made my day!  Round these parts I am known as "the poop lady" (sigh) yes, I am serious.  "Poop Lady" is Kinda an earned title on the order of "Miss America" or "Homecoming Queen", well kinda minus the fancy dress, sash, tiara, adoring crowd and parade.  You would think that I would at least get a sparkly headpiece.  Harrumph.  Anyway -- hence my delight at being referred to as a poet.

... Laughing at Shaz's comment about how I sounded in my audio entry.  Wanna know something wild? I have 5 sisters and we ALL sound like that! LOL!  Imagine the lot of us together!

... Hestia!  Absolutely go see the HalfaJesus! Scared the dickens right out of me when I drove over the hill! I suppose that might have been the point.  It truly IS something, myself, I prefer my Jesus in a less startling form, but afterall this is the US of A and we don't do anything small here, 'specially not God.  Let me know what you think of the statue?  Oh, and hillbilly music is not whiny-- bluegrass do you mean?  Country music is the music of life, bluegrass is music of the soul, the wind and the weather and the heart sung in harmony. A blessing!

... David (sigh) -- thank God for the internet where I can simply type my thanks that you are in this world, 'cause otherwise I would have to do something dramatic and requiring and effort of some sort on my part, like attempting a swim across the Atlantic and being attacked by sharks or giant squid in the process and my expression of joy and gratitude would get all lost in the tabloid headlines and stories complete with photos of missing body parts and all.  I presume that you will ignore the run-on sentence and the odd segue into carnage and get my meaning? ;-)

Enough for one entry!  If I left anyone out, sorry!  (But after the giant squid reference -- ya really want me to try to say thank-you?  LOL!  Presume that I did and meant it gracefully at that!)




delela1 said...

Hey you...see you are keeping busy and writing when you can.  Take care of all that poop and stuff.  Best take care of yourself.

PS. I'm still in love with your bar.  :)

shadp said...

Never mind the sharks and giant squids - the worst torment would be waiting on shore in the form Immigration Cops and bureaucrats! Mind you, it's probably far worse trying to land in America from what I've heard! But thanks for such a kind and lovely remark - makes life worth living.


shaz19743 said...

Hey there ,
Wow ...thanks for the mention in your journal and all i can say is i cant imagine anything better than listening to 5 other yous chattering away in that fantastic accent ......should really try and send a voice mail from here to see if you could decipher a broad glaswegian accent which i am the proud owner of....think youd need to play it at half speed though ....we have a bit of a reputation for speaking at break neck speed and thinking even faster hehe x

jevanslink said...

Well, Poop Lady, you write prose that reads like a melody.  Hope I made you blush.  Mrs. L