Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Got me Ta Thinkin

I have spent some time thinking these last few days, thinking about my reliance on the information that I have stored on AOL being available when I need to access it. My favorites list, the e-mail addresses of family and friends, my journal -- such as it is. I could function without the journal (except for the contact with friends that I have made here). Loosing access to my favorites list would be killer. 

I have known for a long time that Internet Explorer is a better place to store this information, but clicky clicky and it is in favorites ... sigh.  Easy but stupid, it seems now.  I (and everyone else it seems) is one whack job complaint away from being wildly inconvienenced.

More later -- I have to sign off to run an errand.



porthnoid said...


porthnoid said...


thisismary said...

Porthnoid, you are a god.  Thank you!

cneinhorn said...

I rely too much on aol features too....firefox?  I see that in the comments, not familiar with it, have you tried it yet?

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