Sunday, April 3, 2005

Move OVER Barry Manilow!!!!

I have found the soundtrack for the rest of my life!  Cowboy Cool!

I am aware that there is some danger my recommending any album, given my notoriously awful taste in music, still. If you are more or less inclined to like both of the best kinds of music (that would be country and western) this album will grab your heart and send it flying to the stars.  Honest.

An independent, his music is available only in a limited number of stores and online from Amazon or his website.  Worth the effort, I tell you!


shadp said...

You mean - Barry Manilow has to move over for... for... hill-billy?? Lol! Hmmm - all I can say is, whenever I hear hill-billy type music I have to run screaming for the nearest hard-house acid rock concert (whatever these things are called nowadays) - either that or blast the neighbours with Wagner's Ride of the Valkaries at full volume! But take no notice of me - I'm several tracks short of an album anyway!


hestiahomeschool said...

There is a world of difference between hillbilly music and western music. I am a hillbilly. Our music sounds like Celtic music, only whinier.  :-)

shaz19743 said...

cowboy cool ! what a brilliant name hehe
Gotta check this out music hasnt been my friend in the past but then i discovered that just like any music genre theres good and bad country and i unfortunatly had only been exposed to the bad kind lol
Celtic music and country have a lot in common and in recent years theres been even more mixing of the genres over here which ive found can only be a good thing.
One of my favourite Scottish singers who really keeps celtic alive along side her more commercial releases is a wonderful woman called Eddi Reader !
Shes not averse to a bit of country either and theres lots of flavours of it in her music .....she has the most entrancing voice of an angel and i swear it has healing properties cause i always feel better when i hear it .Dont know if you,ve heard of her over the pond (watch out for those giant squids ) but give her a go ....think you might like her .