Tuesday, April 26, 2005

One "oops" cancels out ten "atta boys"

This is the more and it is later, so that works. I have read John's entry regarding AOL's serious reaction to the deletion of a popular journal.  I believe that the people of AOL are taking the issue seriously.  I also believe that this people doesn't trust the corporation despite that. 

On the other hand, I am an AOL junkie.  Almost 12 years now.  The interface IS easy to use <-- that from a person that worships at the altar of Microsoft products, which the AOL system seems to have "issues" with.  The channels concept is wonderful (mostly because I don't end up wading through mind numbing pablum that others find entertaining, just to get to the content that I want to read). The people (members and volunteers) are some of the most unbelievable, quality people that I am never going to meet. 

On the other hand, the whole double secret, passive agressive, sneak behind the electrons power trip provided to the self styled thought victims DRIVES ME NUTS! My personal opinion, if you are offended enough to contact the authorities, you ought to be adult enough to tell the offending party 1. Who you are.  2. Why you thought the material in question was offensive.  The secretive nature of the complaint process enables the shy as well as the overly sensitive [and forgive me -- wack job power trippers]. That both are given equal creedence and both creedence over the purported purveyor of offense -- well, that offends me.  Where do I complain about that?  Oh, yah here.  Enough!  I am done!  Back to talking about mostly nothing and sometimes poop, umm err -- I mean, biosolids.


karensull12 said...

I'm with you...I don't like that this happened at all...it seems a little random.

shadp said...

This is obviously something I've missed here. But I'm glad you feel at home with AOL anyway - don't want you suddenly disappearing to what appear greener pastures!