Tuesday, May 31, 2005

40 Acres and ...

Forty Acres and a Mule is the way that it was, maybe sometime, but for me, for me, heaven is forty acres, two dogs and an hour just before sunset.  Walkies like no one in the city and very few out in farm country experience.  The doggie hour.  No leashes, no rules ('cept "stay in your yard!") Wandering here and there, where-ever the dogs think there might be something interesting. "Dog Pack Time." They follow their noses, I follow them.  Walkies. Dog walkies, not people walkies. 

First, the boys took me to the woods, to a patch of the flowers like the ones that appeared in my "Just Pretty" entry. Because the boys were all dog distracted digging for something that may have smelled like a nest of mousers or maybe bunnie snacks, I had time to notice that some of the "just pretty" flowers in my forty acre yard appear in lavender, instead of white.

After, we crossed a walk bridge over the [drainage ditch] stream and waked through the open field.  The boys found more smells that HAD to be investigated, and I looked down and noticed tiny, tiny, blue flowers in the tall grass.  I had to get down to earthworm level to see them properly, but they were stunning!

Back through the feild, a stop at my garden, where I pulled weeds, took photos of bees, and I hate to say, the boys ate two bunnies that they had managed to catch. Then back to the house and the pond where the guy below was warming up for his nightly serinade.  Frog song to end the evening. 

Busy Bee

Crawling along on my hands-n-knees this evening I noticed this little guy just to my right.  He and dozens of his kind were gathering nectar, I was pulling weeds. I had a camera handy, they, better things to do.  Honey Bees take pollen and make honey, people take pictures. 

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Just Pretty


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Audio entry from the grocery store

I was having a dilemma finding plain vanilla ice cream.  I left an audio entry (a short one).  Then I had trouble ending the entry so there is silence on the end.  Oh well, yet another example of my complete inability to multi-task.

But you would think that I could shop for ice cream and talk on the phone at the same time, but guess not. 

By the way I ended up settling for french vanilla.  ;-)

Friday, May 27, 2005


Tuesday we picked-up the latest piece for our railroad collection.  Ok, WE didn't pick up the caboose -- a company from near Dayton picked-up the caboose, using two cranes ... anyway.  We drove the caboose back home.  The rest of this week has been spent laying 60 ft. of standard guage rail for a "parking place" for the caboose and cleaning and painting the wheels and trucks. We have a lift tentatively scheduled to re-rail the caboose here sometime next week, weather permiting.

For those that care (rail fans) the caboose ran on the B&O line, her number is C-3008.  We bought her from a gentleman who had her on display in Carlisle, Ohio.


Our truck with loaded caboose, as we arrived home.  A train-truck!


While we were rigging the caboose a work vehicle ran past us on the CSX line, it was a truck pulling railroad cars!  A truck-train!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

One From Today


Friday, May 20, 2005

Wildflowers In The Woods

To see a world in a grain of sand

And Heaven in a wildflower, 

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand 

And eternity in an hour.

William Blake

Dutchmen's Breeches

Why they are called Snowdrops


Yellow Violets!


 I took these photos two weeks ago and meant to post them then.  That is the way that things go sometimes, capture beauty when it happens, share it when I can.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Blessings From The Passing of Years

Blessings from the passing of years, shortening memory and complete lack of concern over looking like boiled hell in a pudding bag. Those are the gifts that advancing age brings, for me, for me. 

The fella, the dredge and I spent the last several days cleaning the bottom of a water pond at a local quarry. More blessings! Limestone with no inclusions!  Dredge work requires someone to operate the machine and someone else to pay attention in the event that a hose needs to be moved or something goes wrong.  As a rule, when surrounded by thousands of tons of crushed rock in neat piles, I would be all distracted looking for crystals or different minerals or ... but blessings!  I was amongst North Western Ohio rock. The land here is dead flat and the bedrock deadly dull white limestone and almost nothing else.  Perfect for road building and what have you, but no distraction in stone here.

Yep, I started this entry admitting that I no longer care that today I drove to the corner to pick-up milk and coke wearing jeans that were ankles to knees white from limestone dust, a t-shirt that looked as if I had just left a mud wresting match and a hairstyle that could only have been achieved by wearing a hard hat for eight hours.  I didn't care! Ha!  Better! As my memory is shot full of holes, likely by tomorrow, I will not even remember the event. Ha!

I am ending this entry by announcing that I am liking this getting older thing!


Monday, May 9, 2005

Two Words

Vegetable Garden.

I will post pics when I am done planting.  :-)

Oh, and this evening while I was planting corn, puppy brought me a freshly dead woodchuck. Guess puppy was still upset about that whole six more weeks of winter thing from February.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

I am STILL not gonna ride in a wicker basket that tips sideways ...

That I turned out to be completely wrong about the "Tower of Terror" ride at Disney World featuring wicker baskets that tip the standing (and screaming) passengers sideways to near expulsion and free-fall to certain death IS NOT my fault.  It was the billboard and the bus ride and being with two of my sisters and laughing until we were all silly.

The promotional sign for the ride along the bus route from the hotel to the park DID look like the passengers were riding in a wicker basket.  And I had been listening to one of my sisters describe how terrifying the ride was.  :: Putting my hand to my heart ::  I swear to you I have my suspicions about aluminum belonging to the flighty classification of structural materials. Woven reeds?  I don't trust wicker to safely transport potato chips.  ::  Waving both hands in a shooing motion ::  The ride turned out to be made of steel. It was terrifying as promised, and I proudly point out that I was less terrified than my sister J.  Ha!

See there sister A, I wrote about the wicker basket!