Saturday, May 28, 2005

Audio entry from the grocery store

I was having a dilemma finding plain vanilla ice cream.  I left an audio entry (a short one).  Then I had trouble ending the entry so there is silence on the end.  Oh well, yet another example of my complete inability to multi-task.

But you would think that I could shop for ice cream and talk on the phone at the same time, but guess not. 

By the way I ended up settling for french vanilla.  ;-)


jolie424 said...

I'm not sure how you did your audio journal entry but I loved it......Too Cool
And how about that caboose...I am new to your journal but would love to know what your plans for it are.


thisismary said...

Welcome Di!

I used AOL By Phone to add my audio entry.  Information is at KEYWORD aolbyphone.  

I will add more information about the caboose in a future entry. (I used the vague word "future" because you never know with me, could be today, could be three months from now -- I am not exactly a linear person. ;-)

shadp said...

LOL - love it! I was hoping we'd hear, "Have a nice day" from the checkout girl at the end of the recording! Glad you found some vanilla icecream in the end - making my mouth water at the thought of it now!


shaz19743 said...

Brilliant hehe  !
i soooo gotta learn how to do that audio by phone thing !
Im always sitting somewhere or walking and something comes into my head or i see something and think gotta write about that then my sieve of a brain forgets it so being able to record it at the time would be brilliant !
Vanilla ice cream indeed rocks ......but your right its not that easy to find these days ...marks and spencers here do a fab low fat one and i swear it still tastes as sugary and bad for you as the full fat stuff lol