Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Blessings From The Passing of Years

Blessings from the passing of years, shortening memory and complete lack of concern over looking like boiled hell in a pudding bag. Those are the gifts that advancing age brings, for me, for me. 

The fella, the dredge and I spent the last several days cleaning the bottom of a water pond at a local quarry. More blessings! Limestone with no inclusions!  Dredge work requires someone to operate the machine and someone else to pay attention in the event that a hose needs to be moved or something goes wrong.  As a rule, when surrounded by thousands of tons of crushed rock in neat piles, I would be all distracted looking for crystals or different minerals or ... but blessings!  I was amongst North Western Ohio rock. The land here is dead flat and the bedrock deadly dull white limestone and almost nothing else.  Perfect for road building and what have you, but no distraction in stone here.

Yep, I started this entry admitting that I no longer care that today I drove to the corner to pick-up milk and coke wearing jeans that were ankles to knees white from limestone dust, a t-shirt that looked as if I had just left a mud wresting match and a hairstyle that could only have been achieved by wearing a hard hat for eight hours.  I didn't care! Ha!  Better! As my memory is shot full of holes, likely by tomorrow, I will not even remember the event. Ha!

I am ending this entry by announcing that I am liking this getting older thing!



oceanmrc said...

LOLOL all so true.

shaz19743 said...

HEHE you must have looked like a ghost with all that lime dust on you tending to agree with the getting older being a good thing ....for example today i woke up late at 7.45 ......i was on the bus to work by 8.00 lol
Boy do i love haveing short hair hehe i remember the time i wouldnt even go to answer the door unless i had lipstick on and a cute sweater hehe now i can happily run down to the shops in my sweats and a smile !
I guess the older we get the less importance we place on what people think we look like outside and the more importance on whats inside .....sometimes the most attractive thing in the world is a persons spirit

shadp said...

And yet, and yet - that's such a lovely picture in your All-About-Me thing! It shows an attractive young woman full of life and character. Sure, it doesn't matter how she looks while grovelling at the bottom of a quarry pit. But she deserves pride in her appearance away from quarries - cos she's worth it!