Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Busy Bee

Crawling along on my hands-n-knees this evening I noticed this little guy just to my right.  He and dozens of his kind were gathering nectar, I was pulling weeds. I had a camera handy, they, better things to do.  Honey Bees take pollen and make honey, people take pictures. 


thisismary said...

Just a note to those that care about our disapearing honey bees.  Because I noticed these guys right next to my vegetable garden, no pesticides will be used on my vegetables.  I can live with the thought of reduced production if it means that no native honey bees will be harmed.    Ummm  -- if you read the entry above -- you may note that I have organic rodent control in place.  What do you think that organic means?  As nature designed, in this case, canines eating bunnies (and mousers).  Only way to get more orgainc is to import wolves.  :-)

shaz19743 said...

Wow this little guy looks all streamlimed and athletic compared to our big fluff ball fuzzy scottish bees !
Mind you even in the summer here its probably like freezing compared to your summers so our little black and yellow critters wear these little mohair like fuzzball sweaters to keep them warm whilst doing the pollen rounds .
Wish i had a photo to show ya ....gotta work on that ....ohhhhh and wait till a few weeks time and the huge rose garden in the park is in full bloom then your in for a treat if i can get my camera up n running .
Theres over 200 different kinds and they have a rose competition every year in late june early july .