Tuesday, May 3, 2005

I am STILL not gonna ride in a wicker basket that tips sideways ...

That I turned out to be completely wrong about the "Tower of Terror" ride at Disney World featuring wicker baskets that tip the standing (and screaming) passengers sideways to near expulsion and free-fall to certain death IS NOT my fault.  It was the billboard and the bus ride and being with two of my sisters and laughing until we were all silly.

The promotional sign for the ride along the bus route from the hotel to the park DID look like the passengers were riding in a wicker basket.  And I had been listening to one of my sisters describe how terrifying the ride was.  :: Putting my hand to my heart ::  I swear to you I have my suspicions about aluminum belonging to the flighty classification of structural materials. Woven reeds?  I don't trust wicker to safely transport potato chips.  ::  Waving both hands in a shooing motion ::  The ride turned out to be made of steel. It was terrifying as promised, and I proudly point out that I was less terrified than my sister J.  Ha!

See there sister A, I wrote about the wicker basket!


shadp said...

Well, you have my admiration for doing the ride - some of these things are utterly terrifying! I won't go near any of these hairy scary rides. Glad you had a good time with your sisters.


jevanslink said...

Sounded like a ride out of Japanese marriage instruction book for a minute there.  Mrs. L