Friday, May 27, 2005


Tuesday we picked-up the latest piece for our railroad collection.  Ok, WE didn't pick up the caboose -- a company from near Dayton picked-up the caboose, using two cranes ... anyway.  We drove the caboose back home.  The rest of this week has been spent laying 60 ft. of standard guage rail for a "parking place" for the caboose and cleaning and painting the wheels and trucks. We have a lift tentatively scheduled to re-rail the caboose here sometime next week, weather permiting.

For those that care (rail fans) the caboose ran on the B&O line, her number is C-3008.  We bought her from a gentleman who had her on display in Carlisle, Ohio.


Our truck with loaded caboose, as we arrived home.  A train-truck!


While we were rigging the caboose a work vehicle ran past us on the CSX line, it was a truck pulling railroad cars!  A truck-train!


shadp said...

Wow! That sounds fantastic - probably lots of work to do once it's in place on the tracks though. Must be great collecting rail wagons, and ancillary stuff - a bit different anyway!


oceanmrc said...

For some reason this just gave me a real chuckle.  Most people collect shells, or buttons, or pipes, or artwork....and you collect B&O cars!

thisismary said...

Ha!  I don't collect railroad stuff!  The fella does, but somehow I end-up all involved. Sigh!  History (she repeats to herself again and again) that is the important part.  Never mind the objects that require hours of maintance and are weighed by the ton, sigh, history, once gone, gone forever and if I do noting else constructive in this life, there are parts of the past that will be here for future generations that would not be if I hadn't learned to handle a pneumatic spike driver and tie tongs.  hell!  that is what I say hell!  LOL!  I laugh too!  Oceanmarc, love ya hon!

delela1 said...

Wow!  Now that's what I call seeing the flip side.  And just what are the odds that it would happen on that day.  Absolutely frickin' amazing.