Monday, May 9, 2005

Two Words

Vegetable Garden.

I will post pics when I am done planting.  :-)

Oh, and this evening while I was planting corn, puppy brought me a freshly dead woodchuck. Guess puppy was still upset about that whole six more weeks of winter thing from February.


joolsinwa said...

the winter thing is with groundhogs LOL
~ Julie~

thisismary said...

LOL!  Then I have absolutely no idea why my dog brought to me a large dead rodent.  That is too funny, you would think that even I could remember why they call groundhog day ...  sigh.  :-)

shadp said...

Groundhog Day - one of my all-time favourite movies! Love it. But puppy brought you a DEAD woodchuck, which probably means spring and summer have been cancelled this year! Looking forward to the done planting pics.


shaz19743 said...

Guess thats one woodchuck that we wont need to guess how much wood he can  chuck as it looks like his wood chucking days are well over !

jevanslink said...

Groundhog Day, Woodchuck Day -- I can't tell them apart.  Mrs. L

cneinhorn said...

eww on the woodchuck!  happy planting....look forward to your pix...I will have to post some of my planting pix too.