Friday, June 3, 2005

B&O Caboose Flys Again

Short on clever descriptions this evening. Just photos that I took before and after the caboose flew to her new perch. The time inbetween was spent pushing to line up the pins on the trucks with the recievers on the caboose.



Caboose is home.


shaz19743 said...

Now thats a lot of caboose by anyones standards !
Its looking grand sitting there in its new home and all that hard work looks like its been well worth it in the end .
How do ya go about caboose shopping then ? Is there a caboose show room ? Can ya take it for a test drive ? Do they throw in the crane ?
Im imagining all those old films where some hero runs through the carraiges to the last one ,baddies in pursuit , and hangs out the last carriage door preparing to perform some amazing stunt where he lowers himself between the track and the caboose to avoid capture !

shaz19743 said...

p.s i notice it says 9.20pm on my post ............sheesh if only its 2.22 am here lol
Ahhhh insomnia ....gotta love it !

thisismary said...

Caboose shopping?  One just works, "oh, as it happens, I am looking to buy a caboose" into every conversation.  Well, that and you search eBay.

First thing the fella said after all was done is that we need another one so that we can run down the one and leap to the other one -- just like in the movies.  Sigh.  Grin.

thisismary said...

Go to bed Shaz!  You know that there will be some early morning Din at the big Shaz house 'specially designed to wake you at some hellish hour in the morning!

cneinhorn said...

how interesting!  great photos!


shadp said...

Well - that's certainly a fine addition to your collection! I often see abandoned old rail wagons in fields around UK - usually just used as sheds or cattle shelters, chicken houses, etc. Why not come over for a look around? Mind you - getting any of them back across the pond may take a while!