Friday, June 17, 2005

How I Spent The Last Week ...

Before                                                          After

Yep, 5 gallons of paint stripper, a few hours with a sandblaster and some paint can do wonders for a gal.  Provided that the gal in question is made of steel.

This old gal is a Plymouth TGT industrial locomotive.  Manufactured at the Plymouth Locomotive Works in Plymouth Ohio, she is one of  only 3 made. She and her twin spent their working days at a munitions factory in virginia. The third of the trio was manufactured to be shipped overseas.

This should be followed by a cute train story.  But I don't feel like writing one, well, that and I have to sandblast about three layers of paint off of my hands. 


shaz19743 said...

Getting sand in places you were never supposed to get it was soooo worth it mary ......that loco looks amazing life has been breathed into something dead and withered ....something downtrodden and battle scared has been nurtured and restored back to glory .
Now the locos all prettied up and shiny and new i think you deserve to go treat yourself to a well deserved soak in the tub x

shadp said...

Wow - that's a real labour of love! What a transformation! And I love that brilliant red with the white roof. You've certainly done a marvellous job with her - and it must have been damn hard work too!