Sunday, June 19, 2005

Trip to the Grocery -- Week -- uhh (what?-- 3?)

Cereal!   audio Play audio entry (1 min 8 sec)   DogFood   audio Play audio entry (0 min 38 sec)   And the final chapter in my search for vanilla ice cream!   audio Play audio entry (1 min 2 sec)


southernmush said...

Hello again....Grocery shopping again huh ? I like Cocoa Pebbles that is my favorite. My favorite ice cream is chocolate made by Blue Bell. I like Ben and Jerry's which comes in a small container. I also like vanilla but I have to have chocolate syrup with it. I put my ice cream in the microwave for a second to get it a little melted. I like my ice cream a little melted. Do you like your ice cream soft ? It always interesting to hear your grocery shopping particulars.

shadp said...

God damn - I'm just drooling over that list of cereals and icecreams now! The more I hear from that grocery store, the more I wish it was over here - in my town!


shaz19743 said...

When i click on your journal im always dying to see the little speaker icon that means a audio entry ....there two main reasons ....a) there will be much laughter on my part and b) i just love your accent hehe it makes everything sound better !
You kinda got one of those voices that could make the phone book sound like the most interesting and funny read ever lol
But back to the sooooooooooo jealous of your shop....i mean we got big old air hanger sized supermarkets here with less choice than yours ......breakfast would be a three hour affair for me if the would only recognise the wonder and excitement that is lucky  over here!!!!! I have never seen them in a shop here and ever since i was little and heard of the legend of the lucky charms and the leprichaun in countless movies and sitcoms ive longed for a bowl hehe still laughing at you in the dog food aisle .....not much to work with there ....all kinda chopped meat in jello looks the same i guess.
But then there was ICE CREAM WARS THE SAGA ENDS !ahhhhh im raiding my fridge as i type .....the vanilla holy grail has been found !!!!!!