Saturday, July 30, 2005

Re: Bird Question

Comment from and earlier entry entitled "Bird Question"

"Good question Mary.  Stumped me.  When are you going to reveal the answer?" - Dona

As soon as I figure it out Dona. What do I think they are? Dunno.  What do I hope they are? Passenger Pigeons. 

Folowing are two astonishingly bad photos taken through dirty windows while moving.  Best that I could do out of 300 shots taken. 

I am praying that a few of once great flocks managed to survive and adapt themselves to modern agricultural life.

Three years ago I spotted the first ones.  At that point I thought to myself "Huh! strange looking mourning doves! Must be the light." Two years ago I started paying attention.  I would see flocks of 6 maybe 8 in the early mornings and late afternoons, feeding in the fields that I was in. Last year, I got to the point where I started wondering and trying to identify them.  This year, no getting around it, I can't convince myself that they are common Mourning Doves they don't hang out with the onesie twosie mourning doves that also populate the places I go.

Why would I maybe see something that no one else has noticed?  I spend 3 - 5, 12 hour days in one field going over every square foot at three miles an hour, that's why.  If there is a living creature in a field that I am in, I see it.  Better, the fauna ignore me and my machine after the first day and they go on as they would normally.

I don't get out into to civilization much, but creatures with wings or fur, heck we are like this (she said holding up crossed fingers).  Passenger Pigeons, I want the mystery birds to be Passenger Pigeons Dona.


More Photos From Train Day!

Harmon's Photo Album from Train Day


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sorry that I haven't Written ...

Top Three photos courtesy Marty Liggins, bottom one Pat's camera and tripod ;-).

Late July, usually, usually we invite friends, family and neighbors over for train rides, food, swimming and lots of hanging around and talking.  Last Saturday was the day.

Train Rides!

A farmer neighbor, John, is just silly over our little Plymouth TGT.  He wore his engineer uniform, assembled special for train driving (he even wears a pocket watch! Too cool!).



And a quick photo of a gathering that I didn't believe could happen. Four "Free Parkers" in the same place at the same time! "Free Parking" is an AOL message board, where folk talk and generally disagree on evey available subject. Fun!

Tony (far left) was going to be in Ohio for a BMW rally the same day as my railroad open house, he decided to stop by on his way back east. Harmon (second from left) drove up from Tennesse because Tony was going to stop. Since those two were going to be here, Pat (third from left) drove up from southern Ohio too! Yay!

Rumor has it that more of the FP bunch might consider the trek next year. The more the merrier, I say! Perhaps I should invite my friends from the "Journals" community and we do a "Free Parking" v. "Journals" tug-o-war contest or maybe some competative mud wrassling. Ok, the mud wrasslin, maybe not so much.

Could be fun!


Friday, July 22, 2005

Quick wave

Saying hello to all the folk that stopped by to read and comment!!  Busy week here, hope to check in on Sunday with and entry and some cool photos!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bird Question

Quick wave and a hug for Mrs. L. who chose me as a guest editor's pick.  Thank you, thank you!  I will try (very soon) to add entries that live up to your high opinion!

Now for the bird question.  What North American dove is very similar in shape and stance to a mourning dove, but a little bigger, distinctly blue grey instead of brown or olive and is rose or redish underneath? Is that a color variation of the mourning dove?  Or should I drag my camera out and document the flock of 10 that I spent last week hanging out with?  Bird people, opinions?

Friday, July 15, 2005

Turkey Buzzards


I haven't gone fishing or 'round the bend.  Turkey Buzzards were hanging around in the field but that is what they do in summer.  I have been working out of town the last week or so, back soon!

Thursday, July 7, 2005

What's with me and the audio entries while shopping?

Waving at Donna!! 

See, it is like this.  I have the ability to record entries in my journal by using the magic of a cellular phone and the "AOL by Phone" service.  The potential for excitement in my life is limited, mostly to shopping for groceries.  Well ... groceries or some sort of unfortunate incident involving a combination of heavy equipment and poop.  Given the options ... 

Anyway, I realize that the grocery store is a subject of truly limited potential and that I seem to have the category of audio entries from the grocery all to myself for a very good reason. Still, imagine the counter-point if someone were to start recording audio entries from the hairdresser or some chi-chi-poo-poo shopping mall.  (Grin!)

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Groceries and the 4th of July ...

Ok, my 4th celebration consisted of grocery shopping.  Hey!  Beats the neighbor farmer who spent the entire day taking off wheat.   One of the audio entries I made while shopping.   Audio entry audio Play audio entry (2 min 20 sec)   I can say that I achieved my objective by rediscovering Underwood Deviled Ham.  Delight in a paper wrapped can.

Saturday, July 2, 2005

Answers to the Saturday Six

1. A stray dog wonders into your yard, obviously weak, hungry and thirsty.  He is a very friendly dog, but if you feed it or give it water, you know that the dog won't leave your yard and you'll end up keeping him.  If you don't help the animal, he might die.  What do you do?

And if this hungry thirsty dog leaves to face certain death, I am supposed to live with myself -- uh how again? Is this a serious question?

2. You must lose one of the following:  a foot, a hand, an eye or an ear.  Which would you get rid of and why?

Disposable body parts, Huh. Do I have to just toss the chosen part off of, say, a bridge over a heavily trafficd roadway -- or can I make the donation useful?  An eye if it can go to an eyebank and give someone sight, and I must add, one truly unusual blazing blue eye. 

3. Scalzi of "
By the Way" recently posted about the top unanswered questions in science today.  Click here and scroll down to the list of the top 25 biggest mysteries:  which one would you MOST like to have answered?

The question that I want answered is why can't those scientists ever ask fun questions?  Like how many whoopie cushions will it take to make a political convention fun?  Sigh.  Ok.

Do Deeper Principles Underlie Quantum Uncertainty and Nonlocality?

I have to go with a question that hints at depths underlying concepts described in words that I don't understand. Always go with the incomprehensible, that is my motto!

4. Joe, our AOL Journals Editor, says blogs are boring:  either everyone talks about pretty much the same topics, or regular people lead dull lives, he suggests.  So what keeps you reading other people's blogs?

Joe has not read my blog, clearly.  My blog may be boring but it is boring like no one else's. So there.  And!

Shaz.  Insane. Entertaining. Lives in Glasgow for the love of Mike!

David.  Perpetually desparing but in such an endearing way!

Mrs. L. - A read that needs no explanation.

The rest on my list, boring?  I think not. Joe needs to do more reading.

5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #57 from Lisa:  You are writing a bestseller book.  What kind of book is it (romance, mystery, science fiction, action adventure, historical, gothic, classic, fiction, non fiction, biography, other) ?   What is your main character's first name and the setting in which it will take place?  And give us a one sentence tidbit about the plot ...   

A Gothic Non Fiction collection of wisdom from an aging pet groomer and psycic consultant who believes that life, like hair, can always be improved by teasing, tweaking and several layers of shelac.

Mary:  Jim Elliot once said, "When it comes time to die...make sure all you got to do is die."  What do you have to do or would like to do before you die? Make a list of at least 6 things.  And since you made the list.. will  you actually try to accomplish those things?

1. Have one "good hair" day.

2. Have a burial outfit that is not marred by stains of grease, oil, paint or muddy paw prints.

3. Six things?  Hey, I will be dead, like it is going to matter to me if things I lived with my whole life aren't corrected before I die.   This is why I swore tomyself that I would never play the "Saturday Six" as much as I love to read other people's answers.  Not a big rule follower, not I, not I.  Mary, Mary, quite contrary - they wrote that song about me yanno.

Friday, July 1, 2005

An entry with no subject or purpose ...

I am announcing ahead of time that this entry is starting out with no subject or purpose in mind, so, yah, even I am saying "oh boy aint this gonna be a wangdoozer, let me keep reading."

:: Waving both hands back and forth in front of me to get the energy going ::  Yes!

An entry guaraaaannnteeeed to make you realize that your life may be nuts-o crazy, but you have not descended to this level yet.

I spent the afternoon, mostly on my hands and knees putting dirt back into a hole that I had spent the morning digging.  Yep.  Did it on purpose too.  A hole about 1500 ft. long.  Wire for the signals on the railroad.  Took the dirt out with a trencher, had to put it back in by hand 'cause of the location.  No matter, wasn't that bad, only people that would have seen me crawling, dirty, through the woods woulda been the neighbors, and they already know that all my mental bolts could use a little tightening.