Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Groceries and the 4th of July ...

Ok, my 4th celebration consisted of grocery shopping.  Hey!  Beats the neighbor farmer who spent the entire day taking off wheat.   One of the audio entries I made while shopping.   Audio entry audio Play audio entry (2 min 20 sec)   I can say that I achieved my objective by rediscovering Underwood Deviled Ham.  Delight in a paper wrapped can.


southernmush said...

Good evening....Grocery shopping sounds like fun right now. I am not feeling 100% right now...I am a little sad I hate to say...I hope that you are doing well though. Take care Mary.

shaz19743 said...

HEHEHEHE I want a b-b-q thermometer fork !!!!!
I dont have a b/b/q and for that matter i dont really have a garden but suddenly i have the dire need to own one of those contraptions .
Oooooohhhhh the singing cookies sounds like a great idea ....one of them and a glass of milk at bedtime whilst my biscuit quietly hums rockabyebaby to me would ENSURE sleep every night hehe x

delela1 said...

Very familiar sight you have there.  I'm surrounded by wheat farms here and soon the combines will be rolling through the fields.  And what's with you and these audio entries while shopping?  

Very interesting...

ccancu said...

The Bar B Que thermometer fork was semi interesting.  I DO hope you found something DELIGHTFUL.

Your audio entries are FUN.  You and the Blogfather are the only ones that I've heard using THIS particular method of producing an entry.