Saturday, July 30, 2005

Re: Bird Question

Comment from and earlier entry entitled "Bird Question"

"Good question Mary.  Stumped me.  When are you going to reveal the answer?" - Dona

As soon as I figure it out Dona. What do I think they are? Dunno.  What do I hope they are? Passenger Pigeons. 

Folowing are two astonishingly bad photos taken through dirty windows while moving.  Best that I could do out of 300 shots taken. 

I am praying that a few of once great flocks managed to survive and adapt themselves to modern agricultural life.

Three years ago I spotted the first ones.  At that point I thought to myself "Huh! strange looking mourning doves! Must be the light." Two years ago I started paying attention.  I would see flocks of 6 maybe 8 in the early mornings and late afternoons, feeding in the fields that I was in. Last year, I got to the point where I started wondering and trying to identify them.  This year, no getting around it, I can't convince myself that they are common Mourning Doves they don't hang out with the onesie twosie mourning doves that also populate the places I go.

Why would I maybe see something that no one else has noticed?  I spend 3 - 5, 12 hour days in one field going over every square foot at three miles an hour, that's why.  If there is a living creature in a field that I am in, I see it.  Better, the fauna ignore me and my machine after the first day and they go on as they would normally.

I don't get out into to civilization much, but creatures with wings or fur, heck we are like this (she said holding up crossed fingers).  Passenger Pigeons, I want the mystery birds to be Passenger Pigeons Dona.



porthnoid said...

Common Ground-Dove ???

thisismary said...

Common Ground Dove?  I don't believe so. Aren't those birds semi tropical?  The bird that I am seeing is in Northwest Ohio. (three different counties so far) Head and back gray / blue, breast reddish / rosy.  Long dark tail with white at the end. At first I took the birds as a color variant of the Mourning Dove.  I know that they are not Rock Doves (Pigeons : Sky Rats). But I don't pretend to be even an amateur ornithologist, so ... flying blind here.  :-)

shadp said...

Perhaps there's a bird expert in your locality, someone who knows about the birds of Northern Ohio - a local newspaper, magazine, county library, etc? This dove thing is definitely a question that needs an answer now!


thisismary said...

Maybe not so much David. These guys, whatever they, are seem to be doing just fine without any "help".  Perhaps the best course of action is to just shrug, leave them be and wait until they start invading the yards of the townfolk.

shaz19743 said...

OK the dove thing is keeping me awake now ....its 4.15 in the morning and as if i need excuses not to sleep hehe i came across this site
Boy do these guys know thier doves !
If this isnt the ones your seeing im pretty sure a quick email and photo to them might bring an answer
heres hoping ....ahhh i can sleep now lolx